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Spotlight On Coastal Cuisine: Super Salads at the Veggie Wagon

CAROLINA BEACH, NC - “We know what you think when you hear the word "salad": crisp lettuce and delicious veggies and a yummy dressing, right? Well, as you know, we have those here at the Wagon, and they are delicious! But we're talking about a different kind of salad here...
This summer at the Wagon we have, of course, brought back our favorite Red Wine Vinegar Pasta Salad, made with scrumptiously swirly noodles, red wine vinegar, and fresh ingredients to bring a crisp and summery feel to any Wilmington or Pleasure Island day. But this summer, we've rolled out a couple new goodies for y'all as well:
Our brand new (and delicious) Lemon Artichoke Pasta Salad is made, again, with fresh ingredients and delicious components to make it as tasty as can be! Either of our pasta salads are perfect for taking on the go, whether it be to the beach, on a picnic, or out boating!
Our Pimento Cheese Potato Salad is to die for: made with scrumptious cheddar cheese, pimentos, dijon mustard, and potatoes, plus a couple spices added in for good measure, it is the perfect addition to any barbecue.
Finally, our Lemon and Dill Red Potato Salad is fresh and full of amazing flavors. Made with baby red potatoes, lemon juice, spices, dill, and a hint of red wine vinegar, this salad packs an incredible punch.
Stop by The Veggie Wagon today to snag one (of each!) of our amazing pasta or potato salads!”