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Spotlight On Coastal Cuisine: Pizza Party at the Veggie Wagon

CAROLINA BEACH, NC - “Now, it's no secret that we here at the Wagon love food, but we especially love comfort food. And what better comfort food to eat for a quick, easy, and fun dinner than pizza!
Pizza happens to be one of The Veggie Wagon's many, many specialties! Whether you want a classic cheese pizza, a gluten free option, or something exciting like a spicy take on classically controversial Hawaiian, we've got it all!
From our classic cheese, to Mia's gluten free cheese, to our spicy prosciutto Hawaiian, to bruschetta flatbreads and back, we've got a little something for everyone! But, if a more hands-on 'za is your style, we've got just the things!
From the handmade dough (we also have a gluten-free option!), to the homemade sauce (brand new and absolutely scrumptious!), to the handmade mozzarella cheese, to the fresh veggies to make all your pizza dreams come true, we have a perfect pizza party just waiting for you!  So swing by the Wagon today to pick up all the ingredients to make your dinner fun, delicious, custom, and fresh!”
The Veggie Wagon is located on Pleasure Island just south of The Lake on the right hand side. For any additional questions call 910-805-3014 or visit them online at www.theveggiewagon.com and sign up for their weekly newsletter for updated tastings, events, veggie boxes and more!