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Carolina Beach Lake Dredging Project Behind Schedule

Featured A project to dredge the Carolina Beach Lake is behind schedule due to unforeseen issues. While soil samples were taken prior to the project, not all areas of the lake bottom are the same and along the banks the mud is particularly hard to deal with. The Town is working with the contractor to modify the plan of action and expedite the project. A project to dredge the Carolina Beach Lake is behind schedule due to unforeseen issues. While soil samples were taken prior to the project, not all areas of the lake bottom are the same and along the banks the mud is particularly hard to deal with. The Town is working with the contractor to modify the plan of action and expedite the project.

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CAROLINA BEACH - Work on a project to dredge the Carolina Beach Lake is behind schedule and according to Town Manager Michael Cramer, the contractor is updating their schedule and plan in order to complete the project by February 2018.

Cramer explained, "Currently the Lake Dredging is moving along. Over the last several months they have been working on various different ways that they have tested out to dredge the lake. The most recent one, they have installed two metal coffer damns on the north side of the lake. They have put in two small dredge barges and put their equipment on that. They have been waiting for a suction hose and some other equipment to come in. They should be fusing pipe this week and then hoping to start dredging and moving towards the east side from about where the playground is all the way to the east side towards Lake Park Blvd and dredging their way out to that area."

He explained, "The plan is to go and use the coffer dams as a mechanism to dewater the soil before they put it into the container trucks and have those shipped to the waste water treatment plant. At this point... we are expecting that they will start dredging next week. We are anticipating that they're probably going to take a couple of weeks worth of dredging and hauling to really determine how much material they are going to be able to move in what kind of a time frame. Once we get that and they give us a new schedule with that, we will be able to better project and update Council and the citizens on the length of the project and how far we'll be able to go in what time frame."

A letter titled, "Notice of Deficient Performance" was sent to the contractor, Civil Works Contracting, LLC, on April 19th by the Town's engineering firm, SEPI Engineering and Construction.

Gregory R. Thompson of SEPI wrote to Jacob Barton, Operations Manager for Civil Works stating:

Civil Works Contracting was issued a notice to proceed effective February 9, 2017. As of this date, 69 calendar days of the 365 day contracted construction period has transpired and the progress of the project has been limited to the preparation of the spoil area located at the Town’s wastewater treatment plant. The removal of sediment from the lake has been minimal to date. This rate of progress has caused concern on the part of the Town that the project may not be completed as contracted.
To date Civil Works has submitted 2 project schedules. The schedule dated 3/10/17 identifies the Lake Excavation to start on 3/27/17 with a duration of 314 days and the schedule dated 3/21/17 identifies Lake Excavation started on 3/13/17 with a duration of 320 days. Removal of some of the lake material started on 4/11/17, approximately 29 days behind the last submitted schedule, and was noted as approximately 8 loads total during the Project Status Meeting held on that day.
Additionally it was noted at the meeting that the loads were approximately one quarter to one third of the volume capacity of the trucks being utilized for transport due to the weight of the material being transported.
The total volume to be removed from the lake was estimated to be approximately 83,000 cubic yards of material. Assuming that a 14 cubic yard truck is currently hauling 3.5 to 4.6 yards of material, the number of loads required to remove the estimated volume will be between 23,715 and 18,043 loads. With 296 calendar days remaining this will require some 61 to 80 loads per day to complete the work.
Please note, this projection does not allow time to restore the lake area, load out areas, storage/staging areas and areas of disturbance to pre-project conditions.
Based on the available information, there is little to indicate that the proper resources or progress has been identified or utilized to complete the Work within the Contract Time.
Per Section 3.10.5 of the contract documents (Section 00810 Supplementary General Conditions) if it becomes apparent that the current work schedule will not allow completion of the project to occur within the Contract Time, the Contractor shall take some or all of the following actions at no additional cost to the owner to substantially eliminate delays in the progress of the work:
1. Increase manpower in quantities and crafts necessary;
2. Increase the number of working hours per shift, shifts per working day, working days per week, the amount of equipment, or any combination of the forgoing; and/or
3. Reschedule activities to achieve maximum practical concurrence.
In accordance with the contract documents, Section 3.10.6 (Section 00810), you are hereby required to submit, within 10 calendar days of receipt of this notice, your plan and schedule to make up the lag in progress and to ensure completion of the Work within the Contract Time. Included with the schedule shall be a detailed listing of equipment and manpower to be utilized to complete this effort. See Section 01325 of the contract documents for additional information with regard to information needed for a Recovery Schedule.
Additionally, there are submittals required that have not been provided for review and approval. These include:
• Oil/Fuel Spill Response Plan
• Excavation and Trenching Plan
Civil Works shall provide these submittals within 10 calendar days of receipt of this notice.
The Town of Carolina Beach has the right to withhold payment in part or in total, as outlined within the contract documents, for failure of Civil Works to appropriately address this issue. Additionally, and in accordance with the contract documents, the Town also has the right to Terminate the contract for Cause and without additional charge or penalty.
Please submit the documents that are required as noted in the Contract Documents, as soon as possible.

Cramer explained Tuesday afternoon prior to the Council's meeting that evening that, "They will be getting us a revised schedule this week.  At this point they have complied with the letter. The current expectation is that they will be fusing the dredge pipe this week, moving the equipment in place and completing the coffer dams.  Next week they will start dredging.  Cross your fingers.  I anticipate they will implement the plan for about two weeks then give us a new schedule."

The Carolina Beach Town Council awarded a bid to Civil Works Contracting in the amount of $2,766,338 during their January 10th, meeting to dredge the lake.

The goal is to make the lake deeper to a consistent depth of 6' feet and improve capacity to hold storm water runoff that has traditionally caused flooding of surrounding properties and roadways.

Last month during the Council's April 11th, meeting Cramer explained, "We did do soil samples and we did do tests and found out the soil material that was in there. However, as you know, you spot test for things like that. You don't test every couple of feet. What we found is an awful lot more organic material... before you get down to the good sand in the bottom of the lake. That is making us rethink how we go and handle getting the barge into the water, maneuvering it around and whether or not we need to go and try to excavate some things first or use another containment system to dry out some of the silt that's coming out of there before it goes in the truck."

According to a route map released by the Town earlier this year, dredging will occur in four "zones". Zone-1 is on the east side of the lake with each subsequent zone progressing to the west side. The route map shows that trucks will use South Lake Park Blvd, Spartanburg Avenue and Dow Road for material removed from Zone-1. For the other zones, trucks will use South 3rd Street, 4th Street, Lewis Drive and Spartanburg Avenue all following a route to Dow Road and then to the Waste Water Treatment Plant across from Mike Chappel Park. (See map below...)