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Hurricane Season Has Arrived, Be Prepared

CAROLINA BEACH - Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1st and ends November 30th and being prepared is the best defense. The Town of Carolina Beach has been busy adding resources to educate residents, and businesses on how to be ready.  
The Flood Awareness Citizen’s Guide brochure was mailed out in April and more copies are available at Town Hall. You can also find a dedicated bulletin board on “Flood Preparedness”, with flood zone maps, flood insurance and other FEMA pamphlets at Town Hall.  
The New Hanover County Carolina Beach Library branch also has been outfitted with pamphlets, brochures and guidelines on flood insurance, building, and protecting against flood damage.  Additionally many resources can be found on the Town of Carolina Beach’s website www.carolinabeach.org under “Town Services” and then “Flood and Emergency Preparedness”.
Some of the things you can find are links to register your phone number to receive emergency notification alerts, New Hanover County Emergency Management, American Red Cross, National Hurricane Center, tide forecasts, National Weather Service and shelter and evacuation routes.  
There are also elevation certificates, historical flood maps and many downloadable documents to assist with being ready for the hurricane season.
Source: Craig Harris, Town of Carolina Beach.