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Kure Beach Council To Hold Special Meeting On Town Hall Project Nov. 2nd

Featured Kure Beach Council To Hold Special  Meeting On Town Hall Project Nov. 2nd

Managing Editor

KURE BEACH - The Kure Beach Town Council unanimously approved a measure  earlier this year to begin seeking financing for an upcoming $5.5 million dollar project to renovate and expand Town Hall, their Police Station and build a new Fire Station.
The Council will hold a special meeting on November 2nd, at 6:30pm at Town Hall to, "discuss matters related to the facility improvement project construction bids and budget and proposed water and sewer Systems Development fees."
The Council voted at their August 17th, meeting to hire Constructive Building Solutions, LLC, of Wilmington, NC, to serve as project manager for an upcoming project to renovate and expand Town Hall and build a new Fire Station. The total estimated cost of the project is $5.5 million dollars. Constructive Building Solutions will be paid $85,400 for a 12-month timeframe with an hourly rate of $125 for "Council requested items over and above the scope of services included in the proposal."
According to Town officials, "The improvement project is expected to begin in November and will require re-location of Administration, Finance, Building, Recreation and Police staffing and closing of the Town Hall and Police Building during construction. Fire personnel will remain in their current location during this time. Completion is expected to take 12 – 18 months. Estimated budget is $3 million for a new Fire Station and $2 million for expansion and renovation" of Town Hall and the Police Station for a total of $5 million.
According to the Town, he current Police, Fire and Town Hall buildings were constructed 20+ plus years ago in the 1990s and have not been expanded since. Staffing has more than doubled over the years. The Fire Department used to consist of mostly volunteers, but now has eight full time employees, plus volunteers. Statutory requirements regarding retention of documents, police evidence storage, fire required equipment and turn out gear have also increased over the years. This has resulted in inadequate office space for staff, cramped storage space for evidence and document retention.
In a narrative for the project is states, "Because of the growth of the town as a full time residence and the increase of visitors and demands for services, the subject of space needs was addressed by Town Council in 2016. It was decided that the Town Hall building will be expanded to add new offices for Building Inspections and Recreation staff, an additional conference room, additional document vaults and a larger Council room."
The Police Department building will be updated and expanded into the current attached building used by Fire Personnel. A new Fire station will be constructed on land adjacent to the Town Hall complex. Additionally, the traffic and parking layout will be re-designed to add 48 more parking spaces to accommodate visitors and staff. Town Council expects these improvements will serve the town needs adequately for 25 years or more.
Construction and renovation will take at least a year or longer.
On the agenda for the November 2nd, meeting:
Discussion and Consideration:
I. Expansion and renovation of existing town hall, police and fire buildings and construction of new fire station (facility improvement project)
a. Bids and alternate bids (Project Manager/Dugan)
b. Recommendation of the architectural firm for award of contract (Project Manager/Dugan)
c. Update of the Capital Project Budget Ordinance and relocation costs. (Copenhaver) Requires motion to adopt revised budget.
d. Determination of the final loan amount (Council). Requires motion to authorize Finance Officer to proceed with loan in amount of $___
e. Award the contract for construction (Council). Requires motion to award contract to (company name) at cost of $_________, contingent upon financing approval from Local Government Commission
f. Any other topics directly related to the facility improvement project
II. Systems Development Fees
a. Discussion and consideration of proposed fees and 45 day notice period (Copenhaver)