Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of the Week: Dental Hygiene 101: How to Floss Properly

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With the second article in our “Dental Hygiene 101“ New Year’s series on how to get your dental health back in shape. We will talk about the most belabored of all of the foundational dental hygiene habits, flossing.
I know, you here it all the time. Probably almost to the point where the advice just goes in one ear and out the other, but the last thing that you want to do is get to the point of losing your teeth before you start to take flossing seriously. Well, it’s a new year and I don’t care if you’ve never flossed before a day in your life, now is always the best time to start! Just like other unhealthy habits such as smoking or eating badly WILL inevitably lead to negative health effects, so will the lack of proper oral hygiene lead to not only lost teeth, but can even effect your cardiovascular health as well! So this is not just a cosmetic issue anymore, but a bad habit that can eventually even lead to serious issues such as contributing towards heart disease.
Why Floss - The reasons for flossing are many, and the chances are that you’ve probably already heard them hundred’s of time by now from your dentist. But do you really know the consequences of what can happen from choosing not to floss on a daily basis? Here are just some of the issues that may occur:
• Your breath will stink (you’ll be one of “those” people) due to the buildup of bacteria and other germs in your mouth
• This same bacteria will turn into plaque, tarter, and eventually lead to gum disease
• Gum disease will eventually eat away at your gums causing permanent damage
• This damage will inevitably manifest itself in the worst thing happening, you losing your teeth permanently
• Even worse, all of this extra plaque will make it’s way into your blood stream contributing towards heart disease and potentially even a heart attack
We sincerely hope that the reality of the negative’s of not flossing can cause in your life will convince you to make the extra effort to start including this habit into your routine.
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