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Bozart Family Dentistry is one of our area’s leaders in oral health care.  They have been a top choice for people living in the Pleasure Island and Wilmington area for years as their reputation of providing exceptional oral care grows.  Oral health is important to everyone and not just for your smiles longevity but also for a variety of overall health reasons.  In addition to maintaining a beautiful set of pearly whites to show off, regular visits to the dentist and proper cleaning between visits saves you a lot of pain and hours in the dentist chair down the road.  Bad oral health can not only destroy your teeth but also lead to serious issues elsewhere in the body. The path to a healthy smile starts early in life by instilling in your children at an early age the importance of brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist.  It seems as if it is no longer standard practice for professionals to be so personal with their clients but Bozart Family Dentistry gives you the comfort that comes with doctors who know you by name and understand your own unique situations and concerns.
Having professionals who care and work to make you feel at ease is a very important factor.  One of the best things about this is that you know your children will feel comfortable and anxiety free when they step into Dr. Bozart’s office.
A continued reputation of giving patients access to the latest and greatest in dental technology complete with the caring compassion of a family friend has kept clients going back year after year as well as expanding their clientele by way of referral from many satisfied patients.
Dr. Bozart’s practice offers their clients a plethora of dental services while striving to maintain a personal tone for each patient.  “Our goal is to provide comprehensive dentistry to all patients by explaining all available options so the patient can make a comfortable, well educated decision.” They want to know your personal needs and concerns as well as taking the time to make sure you fully understand why you may need certain procedures and what options are available.  Dr. Bozart’s office offers a variety of dentistry services including general dentistry, restorative treatment like fillings, endodontics (root canals), peridontics (Gum disease treatments), prosthodontics such as crowns bridges, implants and dentures, pediatric dentistry for children and special needs patients, cosmetics like teeth whitening procedures and oral surgery including extractions.
Bozart Family Dentistry can take care of almost any dental problem large or small as well as preventative treatments and cleanings.  They even offer traditional braces and the popular Invisalign braces.  No matter the problem you can count on Bozart Family Dentistry to take care of you without having to be referred all over town for special cases. Bozart Family Dentistry warranties their work for five years giving you the peace of mind in knowing that they aim to do it right the first time. “If you do have insurance then most procedures are actually 100% covered.  Bozart Family Dentistry has expanded their acceptance of insurance plans to a wide array of companies to make dental work better available to everyone in need.  They are a family focused dental practice that aims to make dental care affordable and available to everyone.
You will find the same caring and friendly personality with everyone who works in Bozart’s office.  “We have a great staff and they really have their hearts in it.  Many of our staff members have been here since we opened and we have added more along the way.  We are just riding the wave and as long as more people keep coming we will keep growing,” says Dr. Bozart
They are a family focused dentistry practice that specializes in taking of your entire family from children to the elderly.  Their office is conveniently located at 6132 Carolina Beach Rd. Suite 6, Masonboro Landing.  If you would like to make an appointment you may call them at 910-392-9101. At Bozart Family Dentistry you will be greeted by smiling caring faces that want nothing more than to see you leave with a beautiful smile of your own.
If you would like to find out more about Bozart Family Dentistry please visit their website at On the website you can find out about all of their services, financing and insurance options, a dental health blog with beneficial news and updates regarding oral health issues, details about the staff, appointment booking and even a virtual tour of their office! Schedule your family’s next appointment with Bozart Family Dentistry today and keep that beautiful smile for a lifetime.


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