Editorial: Keep Your Hens; But No Roosters

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The Carolina Beach Town Council approved an amendment to the code of ordinances during their August 9th, meeting to allow people to keep up to four hens at their residence. There are some rules including a maximum 60 square foot pen and chicken coop and they can only be kept at single family residences; not condos or multi-family buildings.
You have to keep the coop clean and you're not allowed to keep roosters. Roosters are loud and would present a problem for some neighbors. The vote wasn't unanimous though. Mayor Dan Wilcox and Council members Tom Bridges and Steve Shuttleworth voted in favor of the change. Council members Leann Pierce and Gary Doetsch voted no. The rules were changed earlier this year as part of a larger rewrite of various town ordinances. The Town said they changed the ordinance to make it more clear based on their interpretation over the last 20 years that chickens were banned. (See report on page 1-A) All of that aside, the ordinance was amended Tuesday night to permit "hens". It states, "The term "commonly accepted domestic animal or fowl" means any animal and/or fowl which can be kept or harbored within or outside a residential dwelling and which requires reasonable and minimal attention and/or maintenance and shall include generally accepted animals and fowl such as dogs, cats, caged birds, rabbits, miniature Vietnamese pigs, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, hens, and other animals and fowl of similar size and type and generally accepted reptiles such turtles and small nonpoisonous lizards. The term "commonly accepted domestic animal or fowl" shall not include goats, sheep, pigs, hogs, cows, bulls, horses, mules, ostriches, roosters, ducks or geese or other similar types of large size animals and fowl or other reptiles or snakes, poisonous or nonpoisonous."
Keep those list in mind. They don't include: Wallabies (small kangaroos); Servals (domesticated large cats); Kinkajous (raccoon family); Fennec Foxes (tiny desert foxes); Capybaras (largest know rodent); Parrots (Can be loud). All of these are either similar in size to dogs. Some are smaller. None of those animals are any more of a hazard than someone with four or five large guard dogs. Government tries to be specific, but still ends up vague.


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