Around the Bases: Nella Chamblee

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WILMINGTON, North Carolina - With less than two months before the UNCW softball team begins its 2015 regular season schedule, wants fans to get a chance to know the players before the season opener on Feb. 13 with a new feature called "Around the Bases."
The first post-holiday edition of the feature will focus on sophomore infielder/catcher Nella Chamblee. A native of Wendell, N.C., Chamblee started all 51 games during her rookie campaign last year and posted a .266 batting average with three home runs and 21 runs batted in. She posted two hits in a game eight times last year, including three of the first four contests. Why did you choose to attend UNCW?
NC: I loved the academics here and I also instantly fell in love with the campus. Take us through your pre-game mental preparation routine.
NC: I really keep to myself before games. I am quiet and really think about what I need to do to help us win the game. I work on focusing on the game and not outside distractions. Do you belong to any other clubs, groups or organizations?
NC: I am a SAAC representative for softball. What are some community activities you or your team have done?
NC: We volunteered at the Color Me Rad Run in September. We also worked UNCW move-in and volunteered at a Christmas tree lot. What is your intended or declared major and why did you choose that major?
NC: Secondary Math Education - I chose this because I have always wanted to be a teacher and I really like math. Describe your dream job:
NC: Teaching high school math (algebra and calculus) and coaching softball. If you could play another sport at UNCW, what would it be and why?
NC: Probably volleyball because I played that in high school and I really enjoyed it while I played it. Which teammate will have the most interesting job in 10 years and why?
NC: Lauren Moore because she wants to become a doctor. What is your favorite quote or phrase?
NC:  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13 What is your favorite type of food (i.e. Chinese, Mexican, Italian etc.)?
NC: Mexican Favorite place you have visited or traveled to and why?
NC: Savannah, Georgia because I love being able to shop on the river and eating at Paula Deen's Restaurant. Most addicting television show?
NC: Scandal How will you change the world (or even just one person's world)?
NC: By showing as much love towards one another as possible. If everyone was nicer to one another, the world would be free of some evil - not all, but some. Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know …
NC: I am allergic to beef. What was your most-commented Facebook post about?
NC: Signing my national letter of intent to play softball here at UNCW. What is number one on your bucket list and why?
NC: To go on a cruise. I have always wanted to go to islands and small coastal towns in the Caribbean. What is your best non-athletic skill?
NC: Probably being able to sing What is your biggest pet peeve and why?
NC: Not holding the door open for someone because I believe it is common courtesy to hold the door open and not let it slam in someone else's face. What is something you are afraid of?
NC: Scary Movies and Snakes What is an obstacle you had to overcome in your life?
NC: Losing my grandmother at a young age. She was the only grandparent I got to meet and going through my teenage years without her was very hard.


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