Carolina Beach Park’s and Rec Dept. 2015 Youth Basketball League: 2015 Season Kicked off this past Friday Night

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The 2015 Carolina Beach Recreation League started their regular season this past Friday Night. This season the league continues to grow adding even more teams. Games will be played Thursday and Friday Nights, and Saturdays. The season will also include a single elimination tournament at the end of the season with seeding based on the teams regular season finish. Below is a write up and highlights from each game:
12-14 Age Division
• Michael’s Seafood vs. El Cazador – By the end of the 1st quarter Michael was able to take a 10-point lead 12-2 however by halftime they were able to extend that lead to 34-4 by halftime. After halftime Michaels never let up winning by a final score of 54-14. HIGHLGIHTS: E; Cazador: #5 Brayden West 4 and #12 Ben Stout, #10 Winston Davis, Jacob Lamkin, #14 Alex Natalicchio, and #11 Austin Johnson each had 2-points.
15-17 Age Division
• Blackburn Brothers Seafood vs. Allied Pest Control – Blackburn was able to take a 8-4 lead by the end of the 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter Blackburn again outscored Allied but only by a point giving them a 5-point halftime lead 14-9. After halftime Blackburn Brothers turned up the defense and held Allied Pest Control scoreless, meanwhile their offense picked up 12 giving them a comfortable 28-9 lead going into the final     quarter. In the final Blackburn continued to pull away winning by a final of 40-20 after outscoring Allied 14-11 in the quarter. HIGHLIGHTS: Blackburn Brothers seafood: #14 Julian Blackburn 19, #5 Kyle Dowling 6, #3 Justin Blackburn and #13 Dane Schretter each had 4-points, #4 Grady Yopp 3-points, and #10 logan Loftin and #11 Matthew Reed each had 2-points. Allied Pest Control: #13 Ja ‘Quel Sidberry 5, #3 Joshua Stewart, #11 Josh Johnson and #14 Nicholas Golonka each had 4-points and #2 Lucas Golonka had 2-points.
• Hamm Hearing Aid vs. CBPD – Hamm Hearing was able to break out to a early 9-4 lead after the 1st quarter of this game. BY halftime Hamm was able to extend their lead to 9-points after outscoring CBPD 11-7 in the 2nd quarter. After halftime CBPD was able to pick up 8-points in the 3rd quarter, however didn’t make up any ground keeping the lead the same 28-19. In the final quarter the CBPD was able to cut the deficit, but ran out of time giving Hamm Hearing Aids the win 39-32. HIGHLIGHTS: #3 Nash Best 16, #1 DeAngelo Weakley 8, #4 Scott Best 7, #10 Shawn Weakley and #13 Kevin Mintz and #14 Hawthorne Hamm each had 2-points. CBPD: #2 Michael Gotto, #11 RaShawn Anglin, #5 Drake Overton, #12 Brice Eller, and #10 Matthew Heglar and #1 Braelyn Little each had 2-points.
6-8 Age Division
• CB Realty vs. P.I. Exercise Club – CB Realty came out in similar to a NBA team running from the hallway to the court and after circling the court got into shooting there layups. In the 1st quarter they took the early 6-2 lead and after a 2-0 2nd quarter they had a 8-2 lead at halftime. After halftime PI Exercise Club cut the lead to 5-points. However CB Realty turned up the defense holding them scoreless for the rest of the game. Meanwhile their offense picked up 10-points giving them the win 22-7. HIGHLIGHTS: #2 Cane Mehling 10, #11 Wyatt Ellis 6, and #12 Parker Kitts, #4 Brody Dukes and #1 Gavin Stoner 2-points each. PI Exercise Club: #3 Avery Saffo 3 and #5 Roman Smith and #10 Brooks Powell 2-points.
• Hines Senior Center vs. Island Tackle – Hines Senior Center had their offense ready to go in this game as they scored 10-points in the 1st quarter, meanwhile their defense allowed just 4-points giving them a early 10-4 lead. However by halftime Island Tackle was able to cut it to 2-points after outscoring Hines 8-4 in the 2nd quarter. After halftime Island Tackle continued to make there come back with a 6-2 3rd quarter they were able to take the lead 18-16. In the final quarter Hines Senior Center turned up the defense and held Island Tackle to just 3-points while their offense picked up 6 including a 3-pointer to end there scoring from Connor McPherson. Hines Senior Center won by a final score of 23-21. HIGHLIGHTS: Island Tackle: #2 Rayne Schoonmaker 14, #14 Alex Testori 5 and #3 Tucker Hamilton 2. Hines Senior Center: #5 Shay Payne 8, #11 Connor McPherson 7, #12 Talan Groseclose 4, and #3 Brandon Szcech and #10 Kingston Hroncich 2-points each.
• Island Motessori vs. Froyoz CB – Froyoz took the early 4-2 lead after the 1st quarter of this game before extending it to 9-4 by halftime after a 5-2 2nd quarter. After halftime Froyoz continued to pull away adding 4 more points to their lead in the 3rd quarter after a 4-0 run and 8 more in the final quarter after outscoring Island Montessori 10-2 giving them the win 23-6. HIGHLIGHTS: Island Montessori: #2 Vaughn Batchelor, #10 Vincent Agrillo and #14 Kaden Winebar each had 2-points. Froyoz CB - #10 Grant Ruscetti and #14 Jonathan Baggie 6-points each, #12 Nate Jarrell and #13 Laith Ausband 4-points each, #4 Wynton Lawrie 2, and #2 Cabo Hruska 1.
9-11 Age Division
• CloudWyze vs. Lazy Pirates – CloudWyze applied tough defense to start this game off allowing 0 points in the 1st quarter while their offense picked up 8-points. Lazy Pirate got their offense going in the 2nd quarter picking up 10-points which helped them close the gap to 4-points by halftime 14-10. After halftime CloudWyze’s offense was able to again hold Lazy Pirate scoreless, meanwhile their offense picked up 11-points giving them a 15-point lead 25-10. CloudWyze continued to pull away in the 4th quarter winning by a final score of 32-14. HIGHLIGHTS: CloudWyze: #5 Robbie Helms, #14 Jared Becken, and #10 Neil Sims each had 6-points, #13 Keegan Peat 5, #1 Trey Johnson 4, #11 Kenan Everhart 3, and #3 Bradley Spartley 2. Lazy Pirate: #12 Jacob Chalmers 6, #11 Jadon Morini 4, and #3 Owen Morini and #5 Lacey Hartsell each had 2-points.
• Mid-Atlantic Drilling vs. Jet Mulch – Mid-Atlantic Drilling’s defense allowed 0 1st quarter points in this game, while their offense picked up 7. However in the 2nd quarter Jet Mulch was able to get to within 4-point by halftime after outscoring Mid-Atlantic 5-2. After halftime Mid-Atlantic Drilling went on a 10-2 run in the 3rd quarter to increase their lead to 15-4 going into the final quarter. In the final quarter each team picked up 7-points giving Mid-Atlantic Drilling the win 26-14. HIGHLIGHTS: Mid-Atlantic Drilling: #1 Aiden Payne 17, #14 Jillian Miles 3, and #4 Matthew Silver, #3 Logan Parker, and #5 Peter Gilman each had 2-points. Jet Mulch: #3 TJ Parker 9, #12 Blake Olanovich 3 and #5 Max Grommesh 2.
• Kure Beach Pier vs. CBDI – CBDI’s defense allowed 0 points in the 1st half of this game, meanwhile their offense picked up 4-points in the 1st quarter and 6-points in the 2nd quarter to take a 10-0 halftime lead. However after halftime, the Kure Beach Pier was able to get to within 5-points after outscoring CBDI 10-5 in the 3rd quarter. In the final quarter CBDI was barely able to hold off Kure Beach Pier’s comeback attempt winning by just 2-points 23-21. HIGHLIGHTS: Kure Beach Pier: #12 Sam Martin 11, #5 Cole Hamilton 6, and #11 Cameron Bope 4-points. CBDI: #3 JL Yopp 6, #11 Brynn Little and #10 Leo Baggie each had 4-points, #1 Nic Lamendola 3, and #13 Jacob Baugher, #12 Collin Kitts, and #5 Silas Jackson each had 2-points.
• CBPD vs. NHRMC – NHRMC took a early 8-4 lead after the 1st quarter and didn’t look back. In the 2nd quarter their offense exploded with 14-points, while their defense held CBPD to just 2-points giving them a huge halftime lead 22-6. After halftime NHRMC continued to pull away outscoring CBPD 8-4 in the 3rd and 4th quarters giving them the win 38-14. HIGHLIGHTS: NHRMC:#11 Mason Massey 16, #10 Jackson Kupec 8, #5 Dominic Farmintino 6, #12 Cathryn Paquet 4, and #4 Micah Coniglio and #13 Nate Greer each had 2-points. CBPD: #14 David Corwin 8, #5 Jayce Atanasoff 4, and #4 Chad Fleshman 2.


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