Officials Concerned About Damage Caused By Parking On New Sidewalks

Officials Concerned About Damage Caused By Parking On New Sidewalks

Officials Concerned About Damage Caused By Parking On New Sidewalks Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - Town of Carolina Beach Officials are concerned about people parking on the many new sidewalks recently installed in residential areas as part of a major infrastructure project to replace aging water and sewer lines throughout Town.

According to Gil DuBois - Director of Operations - "I received over twenty calls since last Friday about sidewalks being blocked by vehicles across the entire Phase-B project area."

DuBois explained that Gene Gurganious - Project Manager - has received calls about residents parking on the new sidewalks.

He explained, "Gene is getting an ear full also from residents parking on the side walk and blocking the sidewalk. In the last few months I have talked to about 30 different people when I see them park on the sidewalk and asked them to move. All but one did so. I am getting comments like, "they should not have put a side walk here were I park anyway" and "might as well use them for parking, they are not going to use the sidewalk for anything else".

DuBois explained, "Since we put the sidewalks in, I have seen people out walking all times of the day and night. I think that most of the residents and the visitors enjoy the sidewalks even if they have to dodge a bicycle once in a while."

DuBois explained the new sidewalks were designed for pedestrian use, not vehicles, and are four inches thick until they cross a driveway apron where the concrete is six inches thick to accommodate the weight of vehicles entering a property.

He explained, "We have had a few drive ways damaged buy contractors or someone driving or setting up heavy equipment on or over the concrete. Several home builders and contractors have done some extensive damage to sidewalks. Each of these specific locations have been addressed and will be corrected by the contractor except one that is on Atlanta. Atlanta Avenue damage was done when a contractor used a very large crane to set a modular home and was told that the concrete had to be repaired before a CO (Certificate of Occupancy)  would be issued on the house, well that never happened."

He explained, "Failure to restrict vehicles from parking on the sidewalks is going to create more maintenance issues, increased maintenance cost, shorten the life of the sidewalks, and become an unpleasant sight in the next few years."

According to Carolina Beach Police Chief Chris Spivey, there is a penalty for parking on sidewalks. The fine is $50.

Residents can call the 911 Center non-emergency number at 910-452-6120 to report vehicles parked on sidewalks.


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