Council To Consider Options For Non-Bard Wire Fence On Greenway

Council To Consider Options For Non-Bard Wire Fence On Greenway

Council To Consider Options For Non-Bard Wire Fence On Greenway Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Town Council voted to approve the route of  a 1.2 mile long "Island Greenway" multi-use bicycle and pedestrian path during their March 10th, 2015 meeting. The project is funded by local tax dollars and federal and state grants.

Construction began in January 2018, and was planned for completion by September 2018.

The 1.2 mile paved 10’ multi-use path borders residential neighborhoods such as Carolina Sands and land owned by the U.S. Army's Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point (MOTSU) from Mike Chappel Park on Dow Road south to Alabama Avenue.

Since the path is located on Army property, the Town was required to enter a lease agreement which included a requirement to install a fence. In 2015 Council selected a six-foot tall chain link fence topped with bard wire per the Army's specifications. The fence would prevent people from climbing over and trespassing on military land. In recent months residents living along the path became concerned when installation of the fence began.

The Council heard concerns from residents via emails sent to Town Hall and at the Council's August 14th, meeting.

Many residents urged the Town to select a different type of fence without bard wire on top because many felt the fence looked like something often seen at a prison.

The Council directed the Town Manager and staff to research other options that would be more aesthetically pleasing. Work on the fence has been on hold during that time.

The Council will consider alternative options at their September 11th, meeting at 6:30pm at Town hall.

On August 31st, Mayor Joe Benson wrote to Town Manager Michael Cramer stating, "Obviously, the Council's selection of a fence at the September 11th meeting will drive the amended request to MOTSU for an easement. To that end, I'll call COL Carlisle and let her know we're working this and intend to vote on a DoD-approved fence in two weeks. How's the research on pricing and warranty coming along?"

Cramer responded stating, "We have received word from MOTSU that they have reviewed the fence quotes and specs and they have provided recommended changes. The changes have been forwarded to the fence vendor for revised quotes.  If all changes to the fence are made, MOTSU stated that the Black Chain link Fence will comply with their FE-5 requirements and that will be sufficient. That means no barbed wire!  However, it may cost the town an additional $200,000. We will have better numbers by the Sept. 11th meeting."

Benson explained, "Good copy on NO barbed wire, something the five of us did not want... nor the image of being on the business end of a minimum security detention facility."

According to Project Manager Jerry Haire, "At the August Council meeting staff was asked to further refine fencing alternatives for the Greenway Project and report back in September. The quotes below are all from the existing contractor. After further review the outside vendor quotes presented last month were
dismissed because the required specifications were not submitted, the information submitted did not meet the required specifications, or the quotes were higher. In addition, going to an outside vendor would prevent the Town from using the $46,000 remaining in the project budget for any new fence type. At the time of publication Town staff were waiting on approval from MOTSU on specifications submitted for the options."

Those specifications include:
1. Aluminized 8’ Chain Link with Two Gates:  $162,997  
2. Black Class 2B 8’ Chain Link with Two Gates: $178,974  
3. Industrial Grade 8’ Black Ornamental Aluminum with Two Gates: $242,016

Haire explained the Army will not allow mixing of the existing portion of the fence already installed and would require removal before installing a new type of fence.

He explained specific changes will have to be approved by the Army's Savannah District Real Estate Division. He explained, "This review/approval would take a minimum of several weeks, quite possibly longer. In the meantime we are told that no fence work could commence and the Town could not formally open the trail to the public."

Haire said by using the existing contractor, the Grant Agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will not require additional review. Also, requesting additional grant funding from the State would delay the project completion until some time in 2020.

NDOT has advised that keeping the same contractor but changing the fence type would not require a change order for the contract.


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