New Island Greenway Open In Carolina Beach

New Island Greenway Open In Carolina Beach

New Island Greenway Open In Carolina Beach Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH -  It took six years from approval to completion and now the Town of Carolina Beach has completed a 1.2 mile Island Greenway consisting of a 10-foot wide multi-use asphalt path.

The Town Council voted to approve the route of  a 1.2 mile long "Island Greenway" multi-use bicycle and pedestrian path during their March 10th, 2015 meeting. The project is funded by local tax dollars and federal and state grants.

Delays were largely due to a complicated design process and awaiting approvals from the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the U.S. Army.

Construction began in January 2018, and was planned for completion by September 2018. The project was finally completed earlier this month.

One last minute delay involved installation of a fence. Poles of the wrong size were installed and now the contractor has to replace them at their cost.

Project Manager Jerry Haire explained, "They initially put in 2” diameter poles. The spec. called for 23/8” diameter so they’re replacing at their cost. I think you’ll be seeing more activity."

The 1.2 mile paved 10’ multi-use path borders residential neighborhoods such as Carolina Sands and land owned by the U.S. Army's Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point (MOTSU) from Mike Chappel Park on Dow Road south to Alabama Avenue.

Since the path is located on Army property, the Town was required to enter a lease agreement which included a requirement to install a fence. In 2015 Council selected a six-foot tall chain link fence topped with bard wire per the Army's specifications. The fence would prevent people from climbing over and trespassing on military land. In recent months residents living along the path became concerned when installation of the fence began.

The Council heard concerns from residents via emails sent to Town Hall and at the Council's August 14th, 2018 meeting.

Many residents urged the Town to select a different type of fence without bard wire on top because many felt the fence looked like something often seen at a prison.

The Council directed the Town Manager and staff to research other options that would be more aesthetically pleasing. Work on the fence was placed on hold during that time. The Council ultimately selected a more aesthetically pleasing black metal fence without bard wire on top.

The original budget for a bard wire fence along the path was $81,151.  The cost for the new fence without the bard wire is $176,123. Part of the bard wire fence had already been installed and had to be removed prior to installation of the more expensive style fence.

Use of the trail is strictly limited to bicycles and pedestrians - no motorized vehicles of any kind including golf carts.

An official ribbon cutting ceremony will be held in April-details will be release soon.


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