Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of the Week: Be Wise about Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Don't be a fool when it comes to wisdom teeth removal.. Although having your wisdom teeth removed has become a very common procedure with nearly 5 million done each year, it's still surgery. And like any surgery you should be well prepared in your understanding of it before entering in. Such as, why do you need your wisdom teeth removed in the first place and how is the procedure performed?
Why Have your Wisdom Teeth Removed?
There are many legitimate reasons for having your wisdom teeth removed. Here's a list of the more common ones:
• They are erupting in an abnormal position such as crooked or sideways
• They are trapped beneath the gum line due to a lack of space
• They are causing misalignment of your bite due to crowding of the teeth
• There is an infection that's developed from trapped food, plaque, etc.
• The erupted wisdom tooth has poor hygiene due to it being difficult to brush and floss
After you've identified that you need your wisdom teeth removed the question now becomes what is the process after that?
How are Wisdom Teeth Removed?
If your dentist doesn't have experience with oral surgery, then they will most likely refer you to an oral surgeon who specializes in this type of procedure. Although some dentists do serve as oral surgeons as well, such as Bozart Family Dentistry. Once any elected methods of sedation have taken effect, the dentist will then begin the procedure by:
• Numbing the teeth, gums and general area around it with a local anesthetic
• Then any tissue or bone that is covering the tooth will be removed
• Extraction instruments will then be used to loosen the tooth from any connective tissue in the tooth's socket
• Then once the tooth is lose enough it will be removed with dental forceps
• After the teeth is removed, the surgeon may use stitches to close up the wound if necessary
Once the wisdom teeth removal process is complete, be sure to follow all post op instructions to a T to ensure a full and speedy recovery!
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