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By / Health and Wellness / Monday, 27 May 2019 15:04

Sunshine, salt air, happy days, healthy glow… ahhh hello summer! And welcome to Salty, Happy, Healthy. We’re Amy and Mandy, two island girls and local, independent, health minded business owners and yoga teachers on a mission to spread health, happiness and good vibes.
As owners of Island Wellness (Amy) and Salty Dog Yoga (Mandy), we work together (literally, we’re located in the same space!) to support each other as well as the health of our community.
We share a strong belief that we are all connected, we all desire to be healthy, happy and well, and we are all worthy of living healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. What does health and happiness mean to you? Can you have one without the other? Is health purely physical, based only on lab tests and the number on the scale? Or are you aware of how your thoughts and emotions affect your physical body? What types of exercise, what foods, what supplements, which books are worth exploring?
Natural health and wellness has grown into a billion dollar industry, and with information coming from all sorts of directions it can be hard to decipher what’s really helpful and worthy of your attention and what’s better to let pass like a gator on the greenway. We love to geek out on things that fuel us, physically, mentally and emotionally and share that knowledge with others.
Check back here each week where we’ll talk about stuff that makes us giddy and share simple tips and tools on how to live with intention and bring more healthy and happy into your life.


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