Masonboro Urgent Care

Masonboro Urgent Care

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Masonboro Urgent Care is a full service clinic that has walk in Minor Emergency visit. We can take care of most laceration repairs, fish hook removals, minor fractures, bumps, sprains, strains, colds, etc. We have an in house x-ray machine and in house lab with urinalysis, complete blood count to checking for infection, pregnancy test, strep test, mono test just to mention a few.

Our hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 9pm Saturday and Sunday 8am to 4pm.

Masonboro Urgent Care offers “Remote Check-In” through Qless.  No more sitting in the waiting room for hours at a time. With remote check-in you can go about your business for the day, while waiting for a return text that will let you know where you are in line and when to come into the office. You can use this remote check-in system by accessing a widget on their website, at or by texting the word masonboro to 910-363-2836 or calling the office at 910-794-4947.

These shapeless blobs sometimes wash up on shore, where they resemble lumpy balloons. If you are stung by a jelly fish, rinse the area with sea water, lift off any remaining tentacles with a stick and scrape the remaining jelly fish cells with a credit card or blunt knife. Rinse with vinegar to deactivate the remaining cells.

Do not rinse with tap water, sun lotion or spirit-based lotions as these will trigger any remaining jelly fish cells to discharge their toxins.

After all tentacles sections have been removed pain can be treated with hot water initially then you can try a cold pack and a local anesthetic such as sunburn lotion or insect bite treatment that list “…ocaine” as an ingredient.

Seek medical attention if you are concerned about the pain, the rash or if you think it is getting infected or if it is over a large part of the body.

Sting rays
If struck by a sting ray, soak the foot in as hot of water as you can stand. After it cools pain will come back, drain and add more hot water. See medical provider. The wound needs to be explored to make sure that the stinger is not retained.

While a few marine animal bites and stings can be deadly, most are not life threatening. The quicker you get medical care the faster your stings and bites are likely to heal. Any ocean associated cut should be assess and treated with antibiotic as ocean waters harbor many bacteria.

Welcome to the area from the staff of Masonboro Urgent Care. We hope these health tips will make your vacation safe as pleasurable. As possible.


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