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A Picture of Health
By Amy Sawyer
If you could get an easy, insider view of what’s happening within your body, would you? Did you know that just one drop of blood can provide a unique picture of your health? Our blood plays an important role in regulating bodily functions and maintaining homeostasis or functional stability.
Our blood is made up of primarily red blood cells, along with white blood cells and platelets floating around in plasma, and there are millions of red blood cells in just one drop of blood. The condition and quality of your red blood cells can have a direct impact on your present and future health. Enter live blood cell analysis.
Live blood testing is not normally done in traditional medicine, as there is no scientific proof that it’s reliable or effective. However, I can tell you from my personal experience of looking at my blood this way over several years that it can provide valuable insights in helping to maintain health and well-being. So what exactly is live blood analysis? A trained technician looks at a drop of your living blood under a high powered microscope to observe abnormalities in the red blood cells based on their shapes and other characteristics. The image is projected onto a computer monitor so you can also see the image in real time. Some of the common abnormalities noted are digestive enzyme deficiencies (common as we get older), dehydrated cells, candida overgrowth, uric acid crystals (sign of gout or inflammation), B12, iron or folate deficient cells, toxins and free radical damage, and more. A person’s blood is an expression of the health of their entire body, and live cell microscopy can be a wonderful opportunity to detect imbalances that may not show up on traditional lab blood tests.
If you’re interested in taking charge of your health and seeing a picture of your blood from this perspective, contact Island Wellness for an appointment on September 9th. (910) 458-5252


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