Come Get Squiggeled at Squigley's Ice Cream & Treats

Come Get Squiggeled at Squigley's Ice Cream & Treats

By / Spotlight On Business / Friday, 30 July 2021 18:31

“At Squigley's, with their proprietary machines, they take real dairy ice cream and premium ingredients of the customers choice, to make over 4,000 custom flavors on the spot. The customers choices are mixed with an auger, crushed, chopped, mixed, and remixed so that the juice, natural flavors, and ingredients are dispensed throughout. This is done with frozen fruits, candies, nuts, cookies, cakes, pies, etc that have not been precrushed (lost flavor). The resultant product emerges from the mixing of the machine cone as the most flavor enhanced ice cream you have ever enjoyed!!!

If you are a first-time patron or returning regular, Squigley’s® invites you to look around and let your eyes capture the largest, publically displayed historical collection of local postcards, all originals just like their service and menu choices! Squigley’s® founders/ owners Ann and Joe have enjoyed many accolades and earned a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Facebook plus posted awards from others.

The Squigley’s® land was originally owned by the founding families of the Island; the Winner’s, Freeman’s and others starting in the 1800’s and continuing to the present building of the 1930’s. Ann and Joe purchased the property to start an ice cream parlor and gift shop (upstairs off the deck) without having either retail experience in any field or ever working in an ice cream shop. Our customers, our employees and our products made us successful – in that order!

Squigley’s® takes pride in all of its products! Squigley’s® serves “REAL” Ice Cream derived from cows. Other products are frozen desserts, not REAL ice cream. Some are made with industrial powders, some were developed in Italy in the 1500’s and are still fighting to beat the dominant natural cow based product 87% of Americans enjoy.

Squigley’s® combinations, in addition to notating 32 flavors produced by multiple dairies, are made from REAL ice cream combined with the customers choice of 2 or 3 additives chosen from 35 possibilities. For example candies, pies, cookies, nuts, fresh fruits, cakes and crackers. Add up to about a dozen toppings and VOILA! YOU have our famous custom made, ice cream your way SQUIGLEY®!

Squigley’s®, with unyielding enthusiasm, established goals of uncompromising quality and service, backed up with the utmost concern and attention in the preparation of all they serve. Lastly but not to be missed, is the Squigley’s® Gift Gallery above the Ice Cream Parlor and reached by walking up the outside steps off the lower deck where you will find both more seating and tables and a four-room, jammed packed Gift Store second to none!

Whether you are looking for colorful costume or precious metal jewelry stones set in Sterling Silver, Gold, Lapis, Opal or others, there is one store on Pleasure Island where you can find it – and much more! Squigley’s® Gift Gallery, once a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Kitchen and living room residence is now, some say, “The Best Gift Shop on the Island!”

Customers must weave around Home Décor, childrens (of all ages) jewelry, toys, decor, signs, patriotic symbols of democracy, women’s, children and adult clothing articles including both hand made and manufactured. Add dining room table goodies, exotic beta fish bowls, ornaments, magnets, Megalodon teeth, alligator jaw knives, and many more fossilized specimens to sunglasses, scores of marine animal reproductions, crafter items from numerous Countries worldwide and found no where else!

Ann and Joe’s Family’s key to staying in business over almost 3 decades is a selection of unique items at lower than normal prices even on upscale products. They tried to remember that local Army, Coast Guard and Marine bases are filled with fixed income families serving our country. Squigley’s® Gift Gallery remains a fun-filled, free to look, family owned business that’s not just a retailer but an entertaining attraction as well. While its impossible to make everyone happy all the time, Squigley’s® comes pretty close!

Squigley’s® uses fresh frozen fruits, a big hit with customers. Many people think fresh produce is always the best choice, however, transportation causes them to lose nutrients and they break down further on the shelves or in the refrigerator. Fresh, frozen fruits, as Squigley’s® uses undergo the blanching and freezing process when they are the freshest helping to preserve nutrients. It’s like what Alpo® is to filet mignon – a cheap lesser substitute. The same dangers occur with ice cream, frozen with liquid nitrogen.  A woman in Lancaster England lost her stomach to an operation after drinking Jägermeister that was made with liquid nitrogen. Please stick with ice cream made simply from dairy cows.

In summary Squigley’s® is a character building enterprise. It exhibits mental and moral qualities of its nature, personality, temperament and disposition, Squigley’s® defines the type and character you wish of your family; strong values, strong moral strength and a great regard for its customers, products and services. Live it, enjoy it, visit Squigley’s® often for an enjoyable addition to your Spring, Summer and Fall.”

Squigley’s® Shoppes are located at 208 South Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach and can be reached by calling (910)458-8779, you can follow them on Facebook or visit their website at












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