Wilmington Metro Allergy Season in Full Swing

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Wilmington’s Metro tree pollen season is about to start and grass pollen season won't be far behind. Typically, allergies start giving sufferers trouble between early March and mid-May when trees have their pollination season, or when flowering plants release a fine powder into the air to reproduce. The season for grasses comes on its heels, mid-May to early July, which is then followed by the pollination season for weeds in the fall.
“It really depends on the weather.” When the weather is warm, sunny and windy, the pollen counts get high. If the weather is cool and rainy, then the pollen is low. This week, concentrations of tree pollen are expected to be mid-high to high in the Wilmington Metro area, according to the National Allergy Bureau's Pollen Report. Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, is typically seen in allergy season and is the fifth most common disease in the U.S. “Hayfever´is a term that most people use for seasonal pollen allergies (tree, grass, weed pollen). People can also be allergic to pet dander, dust mite, cockroach and mold.
"When you inhale something you're allergic to, the inside lining of your nose becomes inflamed, resulting in congestion, runny nose, sneezing or itching.” Because allergies are so common throughout the year and especially during high pollen counts, allergy physician specialists use a host of options, from prescribed medications to allergen immunotherapy (allergy vaccines, allergy shots), sublingual (under the tongue) allergy tablets and sublingual immunotherapy drops.
Dealing with a constant stuffy nose and watery eyes is not just discomforting and bothersome for many individuals, allergies can be more serious and be the cause of sinus infections, asthma, respiratory infections, and ear medical conditions (especially in children), if not managed properly.
It is important to see an allergy physician specialist if you feel that you may have developed an allergy.  The allergy physician specialist will perform advanced medical diagnostic tests to determine the kind of allergy you have and the best medical treatment plan of action. Dimitri Z Pitovski, MD is a partner of AllergyCorp Group (www.allergycorpgroup.com) that brings together the specialties of ear, nose & throat and allergy in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in the field of allergy, rhinology and respiratory diseases. For an appointment at the AllergyCorp Group new clinic in Wilmington (1099 Medical Center Blvd, Ste 101), please call (910) 399-2882.


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