Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of the Week for December 3, 2014: 7 Habits that will destroy your Teeth

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Keeping your teeth in top condition long term is difficult enough without adding bad oral hygiene habits into the equation as well. A bad habit is a bad habit, but not all bad habits are created equally when it comes to oral health. Take these seven bad dental health habits and eliminate them from your life in order to help keep your smile looking good for a lifetime!
1. Soda - Now we understand that almost everyone has a bit of soda sometimes, which is ok. Where it starts becoming a problem is when people drink multiple sodas a day. What this does is leaves a constant coating of sugar and acids on your teeth throughout the day to slowly but surely rot them away over time. Regardless of whether it's diet or regular soda, stay away from this bad habit and watch your cavities decrease.
2. Chewing Ice - Although ice seems to be all natural and therefore harmless, it's hardly that when it comes to our teeth. Chewing ice is one of the biggest causes of cracked or chipped teeth in people. So unless it's worth a large bill and a lot of pain to you, try to eliminate this from your life.
3. Teeth Grinding - When you grind your teeth night after night or day after day. Just like how a river forms a canyon over enough time, so too will teeth grinding eventually wear down your teeth. If you have this problem at night then try out a mouth guard for when you sleep. If you do this because of stress then try some stress reducing techniques to help break the habit. Otherwise, your smile will eventually pay the price for this bad habit.
4. Cough Drops and Hard Candy - Cough drops may be sold in the medicine aisle but they are certainly no medicine for your teeth. Both cough drops and hard candy have some of the highest sugar concentrations out there. What happens is this sugary substance coats your teeth and then combines with the plaque to form an acid that eats away at your teeth for many hours after you initially eat them. If you need to take a cough drop, just be sure to brush your teeth immediately afterwards.
5. Fruit Juice - Now fruit juice obviously has many health benefits, but did you know that the average orange soda only has 10 more grams of sugar in it than the average cup of orange juice? Fruit juice does have many vitamins and anti-oxidants, but as we just found out it also has a ton of sugar which will rot your teeth. Some tips to still enjoy the benefits of fruit juice without the oral health downside are: to buy juice that has "no sugar added," brush after drinking, or you can also dilute the sugar concentration by adding water to your juice.
6. Sports Drinks - Just because it markets itself as being healthy doesn't mean that it is. Sports drinks usually have just as much sugar in them as sodas do! So just like with soda, watch your consumption with sports drinks and if you do drink a bunch, be sure to drink plenty of water in-between to give your teeth a good rinsing.
7. Opening Stuff with your Teeth - This is a no brainer. If you open things like bottle caps with your teeth, they will eventually crack or chip. So unless you want a real painful experience, stop doing this habit now.
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