Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of the Week: 5 Simple Tips to Keep your Smile Looking Young

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So no matter who you are on this Earth, or how old or young you may be, we all have two things in common: 1. We are all getting older everyday and 2. We are all trying to avoid looking older as we grow older everyday - With that being said, did you know that one of the best things that you can do to hold off the appearance of aging is making sure that your smile stays looking good? That's right, not only will rinsing, brushing, and flossing on a regular basis keep you out of the dentist chair, as well as be a great benefit to your overall wellness. But these simple good dental hygiene habits can also keep you looking young! Now I've got your attention right..
Did you know that your teeth control the lower third of your face as far as appearance goes? That's a large portion of what we are all trying to keep looking young isn't it? It's amazing that a healthy smile isn't focused on more so than botox, and all of these other costly procedures that people have done to keep hold off the appearance of aging. Despite the daily dental hygiene nuts and bolts of rinsing, brushing, and flossing; which you already know and hopefully do. Here are some other tips can help hold off the effects of aging as well and keep roughly 33% of your face looking more youthful:
1. Rinse your mouth after every meal or glass of wine, whether red or white. White wine has acids that penetrate the enamel, allowing staining and decaying food particles to penetrate more easily. While on the other hand, red wine creates only superficial staining. However, regardless of whatever you eat or drink, rinsing your mouth with water and swallowing after every meal and drink can help to minimize residue, as well as reduce staining and tooth decay.
2. Chew sugarless gum. As we age, our salivary glands shrink and produce less saliva, this in turn lessens one of our mouth's best defenses against tooth decay. However, chewing gum can help get that saliva going again.
3. Floss down into your gums, not just between your teeth. Plaque and bacteria can get stuck in those voids, causing inflammation and decay.
4.    Ask your dentist to check the state of your fillings. Every filling eventually has to be replaced at some point and time. Silver, or amalgam, lasts between 10 and 20 years, so your childhood dental work may be overdue for replacement. Fresh fillings can help prevent tooth decay and loss - and, down the road, root canals and implants.
5. Consider orthodontics if your teeth have shifted significantly. Your jaw is constantly shifting along with your teeth, and left unchecked, this could create a collapsed look for you. Invisalign or behind-the-teeth braces are the subtlest options for grown-ups. The investment may not be small, but the long-term pay off is by far worth it! We even offer in-house financing plans for more expensive procedures like these.So start your own anti aging program through good daily dental hygiene, as well as these other tips, and you'll be very thankful you did so as the years continue to roll on but your look remains the same.
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