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What a summer!
Well, we just completed another successful summer rental season and goodness gracious were we busy! Every one of our rental homes were booked solid from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Not only that, but September was 75% booked and October was 50% booked. We’re just now starting to catch our breath and renters have begun booking next summer.
The A1 Philosophy: We started our company because we saw a gap in the service being provided to some homeowners who rent their properties out. Many of them don’t live in the area and told us they weren’t getting the attention and communication from their current rental management company they thought they deserved. Their rental bookings were OK, most of the summer and some off-season, but they feel like they were being treated as a number, not as a person or as a client. We decided to focus first and foremost on our clients – the property owners. It starts with providing them with the highest level of personal customer service. We keep them informed all along the way and work hard on upkeep, maintenance, and cleaning of their home. That is why we decided to name our company A1 Property Management instead of A1 Rental Management. The homeowner and their property always come first with us.
Managing your home: For the most part our renters have been excellent to deal with and have treated our homes as though they were their own. It’s uncommon to have to call a renter and charge them for broken items as each renter is required to purchase a damage protection policy or put down a hefty security deposit. We want to be sure our clients, the homeowners, are protected. If a renter accidentally breaks a lamp, spills coffee on the sofa, or damages any furniture, we promptly file a claim with the damage protection company and get the item repaired or replaced. The only time we’ve have had to charge a renter’s credit card is for items damaged on purpose. The only other instance where a homeowner had to be charged to replace an item was when the wind knocked over a glass patio table and the glass smashed. That was not the renter’s fault, that was an act of God. We immediately replaced the table with a PVC patio set so that won’t happen again!
Upkeep and repairs are very important to us here at A1 Property Management. Our homeowners rely on us to not keep their homes rented but as their Property Manager keep their homes maintained to high standards. We’re constantly in and out of their homes every time a renter checks in or out to look around and see what requires our attention. We believe that by being proactive we can save out homeowner’s money by doing the repairs and upkeep right away. We take the big picture view of the whole property. We didn’t want to just handle renters and pass along all the maintenance and upkeep issues to the homeowner. We do it all. And our homeowners love it.
Finding and booking great renters: We put a lot of time, energy, and money into finding and keeping great renters. It all starts with a great website and we believe we have one of the best. Potential renters can easily search our properties, get quotes, review our rental agreement and book on-line with their credit card. We also send out mailings periodically to all of our past guests letting them know of festivals, events, and any discounts we are offering. We let them know when we take on a new home and hope to get them excited to rent it out. We get so may inquiries that we’ve been able to book very during the well off-season as well as being fully booked all summer. Then, by providing a well-maintained, clean property, we tend to get a lot of repeat renters. Renters who return tend to fell as though your home is their second home and treat it better. We offer discounts for repeat renters and constantly follow up with them in the hopes of seeing them again and again.  
It’s how you respond: We’re not saying we never mess up but we try really hard and care. We believe in listening to and sharing criticism, both positive and negative. When we get a comment from a renter, good or bad, we communicate it to the homeowner unfiltered. It doesn’t do us or them any good to sweep problems under the rug and if we have to take our lumps, we do.
I enjoy working as a team with all my homeowners, whether they own a large oceanfront home or a small one-bedroom ocean view condo, we treat every client the same.  We set a high standard, hold yourself accountable, and go the extra mile to ensure you did all you could to resolve any issues with both the renter and the homeowner. Perhaps it’s because I’m an Eagle Scout (I’d certainly like to think so) that I take such a hands on approach to personally manage all of homeowners properties. I’ve seen and been in a lot of homes on Carolina Beach and Kure Beach and know there is quite a range of décor, cleanliness, and personal upkeep available for renters to choose from. I like to work with property owners who care about their beach home. If they want to work with someone who will treat their home like it were their own - someone who is in constant communication, good or bad, and is successful at getting a high number of quality renters, A1 Property Management can help.
We want to be your Property Management Company: If you’re considering hiring a Property Manager for the first time or are looking to perhaps change management companies we’d like the opportunity to compete for your business. We live on the island and can be available just about anytime to sit down and meet face to face or talk on the phone. As we’re already starting to accept reservations for 2015, now is the time to get started. We hope you will give us a call! David, Sue, Chelsea, and Kayla Paul Office: 910-619-2256 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Website: www.a1propertyman.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/a1propertyman.com


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