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“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” ~Albert Einstein

By Mo Linquist
Contributing Writer

I am not a minimalist.  I am a sentimentalist.  This is challenging for me since most people assume that good feng shui means NO STUFF.  Actually, good feng shui in the Pyramid School (using contemporary sciences) is solely based on the ‘person’ in the ‘place.’  
We are building a house on the island.  I have ordered my hanging lighting from Currey and Company.  It was to be backordered till March but came in early.  The boxes that protect it are too big to put in my car.  In fact, one is too big to get in the door of our house without opening it and removing the contents.  I have worked with so many clients in the home building process that have had to move to a temporary space a month or two before their house was finished and ready for occupancy.  Home building can easily get delayed.  I was really hoping Randy and I did not have to move twice, emphasis on ‘Randy.’
The house we have lived in for 12 years is going on the market.  The agent suggested I ‘de-clutter.’  Not only do I have ‘my’ stuff, I also have all the things I have collected from the passing of my parents.  My kids are moving across country and I took their leftover Christmas wrappings and things like that.  Chris and I closed Artful Living Group retail store last summer and I have some artist products stored in my lower level.  
In one of our guest rooms we have an antique Berkey and Gay bedroom set (headboard, night stand, dresser with mirror, and highboy) valued at, at least, $3,000 and I will part with it for $1,500 since it is not going in the new house.  We purchased it 40 years ago and I would love to sell it to the right person.  I’ll even sell the pieces separately.  There is also an Ernest Hemingway type armoire that I will part with for $600 as long as someone can move it out of Randy’s office.    
The kid size 3-piece pink kitchen will go to the new house but I can get rid of kid potty seat, booster chair and baby items that will no longer be needed for my grandchildren….and then there is my sewing room.  Did you ever read the bumper sticker, “She who dies with the most fabric wins”?  I am trying very hard to not to be THAT champion.  
Our new house appliances will consist of an induction stove top with double wall ovens.  It is popular now to include a microwave in one of the wall ovens.  I have opted to forgo the microwave.  I was taught by my Bau-biologist guru, Helmut Ziehe, founder of the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, to never use one.  Helmut simply said in his very German accent, “Here is how to safely use a microwave oven.  Open kitchen window.  Pick up microwave.  Throw out window.”  We are replacing the microwave with an AWESOME steamer oven.
The prestigious IIBBE guides both the general public and working professionals (architects, builders, engineers, physicians and other health care practitioners, design consultants, etc.) to an understanding of the vital, complex relationship between the natural and built environments, and teaches them the means for merging these complementary environments into greater harmony.
I am working towards creating a healthy home, free of toxins in the indoor air and tapwater, and electromagnetic pollutants.  My de-cluttering will include removing these culprits along with additional ‘stuff’ invading my space.  
Please don’t judge me by my clutter.  Judge me for my creativity.  xo mo
Kure Beach resident Mo Linquist, Master FSIA, Red Ribbon Professional of IFSG and allied ASID is a recognized expert on Pyramid Feng Shui.
She is the “ PersonPlace” design consultant specializing in soft goods such as fabrics, window treatments, reupholstery, blinds, shutters, feng shui and green healthy living products.  
Her design studio is located in Carolina Beach Furniture, 1021 N. Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC.   Linquist speaks nationally and holds regular workshops and accredited trainings on this ancient form of environmental psychology. Helping clients create home and office spaces designed specifically to support their individual goals and intentions, Linquist uses cutting-edge techniques integrating science, over 25 years of interior design experience and Feng Shui to balance, harmonize and create new patterns for success.
To learn more about her work or for a consultation, contact her at FaceBook at Mo Linquist Living Solutions or call 910-216-0366 local or 330-904-3636 mobile.


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