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"What’s a slide rule?" - Gen X’er

By Mo Linquist
Contributing Writer

This week found us meeting with Willy, our amazing tile contractor. After all the hours I have spent with our cabinet designer, lighting specialist, and plumbing specialist, I thought, “How hard can tile be?”  I already knew I wanted white subway tile in the kitchen.  I am changing it up a bit by using the really large 4” x 16” size in a brick pattern adding Grout Boost®  to the white grouting. The hard part is not finding cool tile. The hard part is staying close to the budget allowed by your builder.  Mine was $4 a square foot.
Houzz and Wayfair are online eye candy for all things interior and tile is no exception. I get designer discounts at both companies so over the past several months I have requested samples. Some have been fantastic and some disappointing.
An idea of what I want develops in my head and I allow it to come to me. A year and a half ago I saw a tile sample and I fell in love.  The minute I saw it I knew it would be perfect for the focal point creating a waterfall effect in our master bathroom.  Most of that room will be tiled with a 12” x 24” white textured-like-the-ocean-wavy designed tile.  Right in the middle of the back wall, between the open shower area and the Jacuzzi drop in tub, I wanted another tile to be installed vertically. Light teal in color and shaped like a drops of water, it will span, 12” wide and 7’ high.  A waterfall in the bathroom.  Could it be more fun?  I was willing to pay a little bit more and scrimp other places to offset the cost but I could not find it anywhere. The vanity countertop made of recycled glass and oyster shells, coming from Dustin at Bluewater Surfaces, is a Vetrazzo product called Emerald Coast.  These two products begged to be together.  Long story short, the exact tile I dreamed about showed up in a showroom last week and I was pleasantly surprised to find the price ¼ of some of the other ones I was shown.
A client asked me today, “Are your prices competitive?” and my answer was a resounding, “Yes.”  Whether it is for me or for you, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and getting the best quality for the best price is what I do best.  Some say they have champagne tastes and a beer budget.  There is some truth to the adage, ‘You get what you pay for.’  Sometimes you can get a super deal and sometimes, you fall in love with something and price is not the most important factor. I advise my clients to buy ONLY what makes them feel good.  Today’s Super Deal - right now Jaipur Rugs is having a huge moving sale and they are downsizing their inventory.  If you need a rug, go to their website, click the clearance tab, and call me.  I can get you the discounted price.  
Back to tile…sometimes it is priced by the square foot, the piece, or the box.  Since I am comparing everything to the square foot, that means a lot of math. The laundry room tile is $2.33 a piece.  It is 7.75” x 7.75.”  How much is this tile per square foot? Randy and I were adding, multiplying, subtracting, using sines and cosines and finally I jokingly said to him, “Where is your slide rule when you need it?”
We both looked at each with shock on our faces when the Gen X’er in the room asked, “What’s a slide rule?” Randy told her he used one in Physics class before personal calculators were invented or conveniently attached to you on your phone, to which she replied, “Oh, like an abacus.”  We are Baby Boomers but we’re not THAT old. xo mo
Kure Beach resident Mo Linquist, Master FSIA, Red Ribbon Professional of IFSG and allied ASID is a recognized expert on Pyramid Feng Shui. She is the “ PersonPlace” design consultant specializing in soft goods such as fabrics, window treatments, reupholstery, blinds, shutters, feng shui and green healthy living products.  Her design studio is located in Carolina Beach Furniture, 1021 N. Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC.   
Linquist speaks nationally and holds regular workshops and accredited trainings on this ancient form of environmental psychology.
Helping clients create home and office spaces designed specifically to support their individual goals and intentions, Linquist uses cutting-edge techniques integrating science, 25 years of interior design experience and Feng Shui to balance, harmonize and create new patterns for success.
To learn more about her work or for a consultation, contact her at FaceBook at Mo Linquist Living Solutions or call 910-216-0366 local or 330-904-3636 mobile.


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