Editorial: Boardwalk Utility Lines Going Under Ground

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Downtown Carolina Beach has experienced - some would say endured - a major construction project over the last 12 months to replace aging water, sewer and storm water lines, installing wider sidewalks, newly paved streets and improved landscaping on Cape Fear Blvd and a portion of Canal Drive.
At the same time, a new oceanfront Boardwalk was recently completed spanning some 875' feet along the downtown Central Business District. Sidewalks were replaced in front of boardwalk businesses along with new lighting, sun shade sails, showers, a new oceanfront stage, landscaping, swings and more.
The Boardwalk project is complete. The old arcade building is being rebuilt after a fire last year. The next, long awaited, much anticipated, improvement will be to relocate utility lines under ground.
For decades various administrations have studied and discussed moving the horrific looking web of power, phone and cable lines below ground. The poles are old and unsightly. Some of them look like they were planted in the ground back in the 1940's, leaning at different directions with a thousand rusty staples and nails left from years of flyers stapled up and the occasional leftover spike from when line-men actually hammed spikes into poles to climb them.
Again, long awaited improvement.
This will take place later this year in the fall or winter. It will likely cause some issues with wiring old buildings to new transformers on the ground rather than lines draped to nearby poles.
Some of this has already been completed on the northern end of the Boardwalk adjacent to the Hampton Inn construction site.
Thank you Town Council for finally taking the bull by the horns and erasing those lines from the skyline of the Boardwalk area. 


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