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By / Editorials / Wednesday, 05 August 2015 04:00

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Going to start a new feature this week. Why? Because some people think they're VIP's. (Acronym varies).  Take this truck for example. August 4th and there's absolutely no reason for the owner to park their bright white truck all the way up to the bushes at this restaurant on Lake Park Blvd in Carolina Beach. It wasn't like the truck was longer than the parking space can accommodate. There's plenty of room. That leaves a few possible reasons why they parked all the way on to the sidewalk. Not just a little, but covering the entire sidewalk like they own it:
1. Very Intoxicated Person.
2. They think they're a Very Important Person. 
3. A Very Idiotic Person.
4. A Visually Impaired Person. (Get glasses checked).
In keeping with the VIP theme, Very Irritating Person is a description that comes to mind. No, it wasn't an accident. When they got out of the truck there's no way they could miss their own large white vehicle  blocking the sidewalk.
It just screams inconsiderate.  Who cares about people walking their kids to the Boardwalk for some donuts or a walk on the beach. Now, if they were shot, having a heart attack or got bit by a wild dog, please accept my apology. :-)


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