Editorial: Letters To The Editor and Kure Beach Forum Oct. 21st

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Managing Editor

This week the Island Gazette published responses to a questionnaire sent out last week to all candidates seeking election in Kure Beach for the Mayor's seat and two town council seats. Those responses begin on page 1-A. This week's A-Section format was compressed and trimmed back to provide space for candidate's responses.
We encourage readers to take some time and educate themselves on the views of those candidates to help formulate their decision when casting ballots during early voting or on November 3rd. The questionnaire is designed to help readers learn about candidates views while also posing a few specific questions on current topics of interest.
In addition to these questionnaires, the Island Gazette will be sending another set of questions to candidates for publication on our website at www.islandgazette.net
Those questions will be more specific and allow candidates to elaborate in more detail without word limits. We hope readers will enjoy the wealth of information the candidates provide and find it helpful when considering their ballot choices.
Kure Beach Candidates Forum
The Chamber will host the Kure Beach Forum Wednesday October 21st from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the Kure Beach Community Center at 118 N. 3rd St. The public is invited to send questions and topics of discussion to be considered for inclusion to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Letters to the Editor
Next week is the last week before election day. Only  letters of a non-political nature will be accepted. There would be no opportunity for voters or candidates to respond. 
On a more solemn note, this week's edition contains a letter from Mark Richard who passed away October 17, 2015. He submitted the letter October 12th. Due to constraints on available space while publishing candidates responses to a questionnaire, his letter was delayed until this week. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family. His last letter appears on this page (Click here) and his obituary appears on page 3-A (Click here).


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