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There appears to be a ground swell among some of the electorates to change the course of the government, they suggest that the country needs to get back to the basic principles that were outlined in the Declaration and our Constitution, but there is some doubt that the electorate really has a reasonable grasp of how these principles are going to impact them. 
The culture has been so corrupted over the centuries that the wisdom that was imbedded in these two documents has been lost to a large portion of the electorate, because of this loss of understanding it’s going to take a massive education program, one that can amplify the basic principles and show how they will contribute to making the Nation into the a nation that will stand as a guiding light for the other forms of government around the world. 
One thing that should be pointed out is the fact that even with the corruption that was infused into our system the nation still managed to outstrip every other nation on the face of the Earth, but we are rapidly beginning to turn all those gains into a loss with the actions that our government is taking.
It’s important to define what a true American is because the politicians are doing their best to redefine what an American is. There is only one country that uses the term American to describe itself, and that is the United States of America (U.S.A.), some politicians would have you believe that any person that comes from one of the three major breakdowns of the western hemisphere known as the Americas should be viewed as Americans by the U.S.A., but the same is not held true for an American that enters any other country in the Americas, this concept is illogical and inconsistent.
We are to except these people that come into our country and give them all the rights and benefits of American citizens without their acceptance of our laws as set forth in our two principle documents, and the basic principles outlined in these documents.
There is nothing wrong with individuals wanting to hold on to some aspects of their culture, this is one of the aspects that helps to make America what it is, but they fail to integrate into our culture.
There are certain aspects that tend to unify the country, and the English language is a prime cohesive factor, but the politicians fail to recognize this fact and have made moves that tend to weaken this factor.
Our political leaders are more concerned with how these interlopers are going to vote or how they are going to contribute to the cheap labor force without any regard to how this is going to impact the Nation’s stability.
It’s doubtful that we can get our country back if we continue to elect politicians that fail to put the country’s stability as their prime motivator, and this applies to elected officials at all levels of government. Our political leaders have managed to distort all branches of government, including the Supreme Court. All the flaws that have been infused into our system cannot be corrected within a generation or two, but the electorate can start to change things by education themselves, and that starts with a general understanding of the Constitution’s basic principles and the realization that each state in the Union has a sovereignty of its own, this aspect of our Constitution has been getting lost with each action that the Federal government takes to solidify its power. 
The electorate needs to get away from the concept that either political party is going to move the country in the right direction, both parties have been saying this for generations, but we continue to move further away for the Constitution and the power of each individual is eroding with each passing generation. The voter will have to learn that he/she cannot rely on the media, the political pundits, or the polls; they are all designed to program the electorate to accept false information as being truthful. Money can only buy advertisements, messages that are designed to make the electorate think that the political candidate is out to help them, when in reality the candidate is committed to the groups that are putting out the money to support the candidate. If there are any Americans left in the country, now is the time to put pressure on our political leaders, don’t wait for the next General election.


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