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Most of the electorate would suggest that they are making the selection for a political office, and this position would also be held for selecting the President, but is this what’s truly happening, especially for the Presidency?  Granted there is almost two years before the Presidential election, but you might have noticed that the selection process has been going on for at least two months, the average voter is not paying much attention to what is going on at this point, but the media and the pundits are already conditioning the electorate to accept establishment candidates, and these candidates are actively lining up their financial backers and building a war chest to fund their campaigns, they are relying on their ability to get their name  in front of the electorate as often as possible, with rhetoric that sounds good but tells the voter very little about where they stand on major critical issues that really have an impact on the culture and our economy. The primary push will be made by the establishment parties, the media, the pundits, and the special interest groups on K  Street, and none of these special interest groups have the interest of the nation or the average person’s interest at heart, but they will take the next two years to get the electorate to accept their position, and the individual will think they have arrived at that position under their own free will. The numbers of strategies that will be utilized to get the voter to this point are countless, but these managers have become very adept at employing these strategies over time. Polls are one of the most effective methods of shaping public opinion, and because the polls are open to a variety of flaws, they are poor guides to reflect the true sentiment of the general public, but they are used by the politicians and pundits to influence our perception. To explain how polls are utilized to influence the electorate would take a book, which is impractical to present in this format, it is sufficient to suggest that the electorate should not treat a poll as if it were factual, and should therefore discount them in their analyses of the political realities during any election.
Another manipulative tool is the presentation of statistics that appear to support one position or another, but this has its own set of flaws that are never revealed, on the surface they seem to support a position, but the politicians don’t inform the voter that the standards have been changed when they make a comparison to a previous statistic that had a different set of standards, or the fact that over the intervening period there were cultural or economic changes that make any comparison illogical.  This area can be instructive, if an individual has the time and skill to evaluate the inconsistencies in the comparisons.
The electorate needs to do two things if they really want to become a responsible voter, the first is to determine what kind of government you want, such as the one that our Founders intended for us, or something totally different such as a Socialistic or dictatorship, keep in mind that the Founders put the individual first, there is no other form of governance that places the individual first in a format that enables this and still maintains civil order.  Lastly, the voter needs to learn how to ignore the rhetoric that most politicians utilize, especially if one yearns for the form of government that our Founders intended for us, if this is not your desire then the voter need not concern themselves with the rhetoric, we can follow the same course that every other government has followed throughout history, this act has been played out throughout man’s history. If it makes a difference then you want to select a candidate that espouses the principles that are found in the Nation’s Constitution.


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