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At first glance it would appear unlikely that any American would accept the Progressive ideology and its concept of a “One World” government, or its concept of democracy, which is that the majority rules, both of which are foreign to our culture and counter to the basic principles of the Nation’s Constitution and the Deceleration of Independence, but given the lack of understanding of the basic principles that are embedded in these two documents, one should not be surprised by the turnout and results at election time. 
In order for the Progressive movement to succeed in its goal, it has to distort or ignore the principles of these two documents that define our Nation, by using rhetoric that sounds good from an emotive level, but negates the beauty of these documents.
This movement receives support from a verity of source, just to mention a few: both established political parties, generally speaking a large portion of the popular media, the larger multi-national corporations, numerous institutions that are national in scope, and the educational system that is controlled by the Federal government.
These two documents make this nation exceptional for a number of reasons, but you won’t find our President pointing out these differences because they go counter to his plan to “fundamentally transform” the Nation that he and others, are working to see come to fruition, some may not use the same terminology, but their goal is the same.
The principles that make our form of government different than any other in the world are that the individual’s freedom is of prime importance, and it cannot be supplemented by the position that the majority rules, which is the basic concept behind the democracy theory. Another important aspect is the fact that our Constitution is meant to be a limiting factor on government; it should only have as much power as it needs to maintain order, a principle starts at the bottom, not at the top. 
The Nation and each of the states have sovereignty regarding the boundaries and areas of responsibilities, something that is ignored by the President and both political parties.
The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, are considered to be immutable rights given to man by our Creator, that’s one of the reasons that the government is so intent on removing any reference to God, the Bill of Rights are standing in the way of creating a One World government. 
The individual needs to take a holistic view of how our government has evolved over the centuries, or since our inception, to get an accurate view of what is being done to eliminate the rights and freedoms of the individual. Progressives would suggest that this is the natural course for our living Constitution, where in fact it’s the result of trying to eliminate the safeguards that were built into our Constitution to keep the individual free from domination.
If  individuals had some basic understanding of economics, fiscal responsibility, and human flaws, it should be clear to them that the actions that are being taken by the current administration are taking our culture to a point of implosion, and it’s implausible to attribute the outcomes to stupidity, the individual has only one choice, the actions and results are intentional.
The forces that are aligned to bring about this change have been cited above, the only force that can counteract this One World movement is the individual voter, but there is some doubt as to whether there are enough true Americans still remaining in our country to accomplish this task. True Americans are defined as citizens that were born here, or that have come here legally, but more importantly ascribe to the principles that our Founders set forth in our Constitution, this is a non-negotiable aspect as it applies to this article.
If you are a true American you will disavow all political parties and change your registration to unaffiliated or independent, and not allow the forces that are propelling us towards a One World government to influence your vote; regrettably, this tactic may be the only way to get the message through to the forces looking to destroy the Constitution.
All one needs to do is look at the United Nations (UN) and how its functioning, and the types of nations that it comprise, most of them are dictatorships, even though they claim to be democracies, there are a number that fall into the category of Islamic radicalism, there are also a number of nations that fall into the Communistic, Socialist, or Dictatorship categories, but there are non that affords its individual citizens the freedom that our Constitution does, the question is are there enough true Americans remaining in our Country to keep this freedom from slipping through our grasp?


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