For Your Consideration: Inside-out and Upside-down

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The current administration appears intent on relegating the Nation’s Constitution to the dead file bin, or to put that more accurately, the Progressive parties, Democrats and Republicans, to be even more precise. To paraphrase the President “to turn the system inside-out and upside-down”, but that process has been going on for ages, however, but the tipping point is being tested during this administration’s tenure. What needs to be done is apply the same phraseology to the current system as it has evolved over the past two centuries, and bring the country back to its founding principles before we reach the tipping point.
There is a sizeable portion of the electorate that feels like there is something wrong, but can’t quite put their finger on what it is that just is not right, they hear the government, the media, and the pundits saying that everything is slowly moving in the right direction, but the spin does not seem to match up with what many in the mid-range socioeconomic position are experiencing in their everyday lives. A good portion of individuals in this category pay little attention to economic conditions and may not have the ability to evaluate the information that they are receiving daily, but they still know that their day to day economic conditions are worsening with each passing day. There are some basic truths that can be applied to help the average person understand what is creating a problem for them. The first truth is that nothing is completely free, even the quality of the air we breathe has a cost, but it’s a certainty that anything the government says its giving to you, and that it is free is an outright falsehood, and it is the individuals that fall in the mid-range socioeconomic category that are the hardest hit by the ploy that the government feeds us.  The people at the real low end of the socioeconomic scale are benefiting from this ploy, and those at the top end of the socioeconomic scale have tax shelters and legislation that protects them, so the average wage earner, and the mid-range small private entrepreneurial businesses are the ones that suffer, which leads us to the next point.
The government needs to raise more taxes to give us what they are suggesting is free, and the easiest place to extract that revenue is from the two groups in the mid-range socioeconomic scale, which just happens to be the life’s blood of the nation’s economy, the government’s actions creates a contraction of business, due to a lack of funds, which in turn requires layoffs of workers, which leads to a reduction of purchasing power. Through all of this one should note that there are certain groups that appear to be immune to the onslaught that’s impacting the mid-range socioeconomic group, just to mention a few of these sectors: the multi-national corporations, large banking institutions, politicians in the Federal government, and a large portion of the Federal government’s bureaucracy, just to mention a few. 
The problem does not stop there, the Federal Reserve, which is not really a part of the Federal government, but consortium of large multi-national banks, that may be more concerned with the viability of the banking system than they are in the stability of the United States government’s fiscal condition. This group is enabling our elected officials to take unsound monetary actions that are driving our country further into debt, and this debt is not being presented to the general public in a manner that would enable them to understand the real danger that our fiscal condition is close to presenting our culture with.  The Administration is misleading and lying to the public, but due to the lack of knowledge of our economic and fiscal condition, the general public continues to look on the bright side, but we are being brought to a point of pure chaos that is going to change our culture drastically if we fail to completely reverse the direction, or to put it another way, “to turn the system inside-out and upside-down”, and return to the paradigm that the Founders gave us.
The Nation is in no position to bailout the banking system when the next collapse hits our system, and that inability will create a condition that will eliminate our current form of government, and remove its ability to support all the things they have promised us were safe and sound. Not even the Federal government is exempt from bankruptcy, and it is a certainty that the Progressives approach will do nothing to resolve this problem. Get ready to say goodbye to Social Security, government retirement programs, and the Affordable Care Act, all these accounts only have I.O.U.s’ in them. The blame ultimately falls upon the electorate, because they failed to educate themselves, and for accepting the lies that the government and our elected officials have been spewing over the generations.


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