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It should be clear to most reasonably informed people that John Gruber has added a new term to the English lexicon --- “Grubered”, it may be defined as the ability to present false information in a manner that the recipient will accept as being truthful, but this can only work if one suspends reason, logic, and critical thinking, as a result individuals that fall for this approach are considered stupid.
It’s difficult to overcome this shortcoming given the forces that are aligned to enable this approach to succeed, these forces include our educational system that is directed by the Federal government, the main stream media, and both political parties, the only potential salvation may lie in the following areas: a free and uncontrolled Internet, talk radio, and charter schools or like institutions.
People can only be Grubered if they have been conditioned to act emotionally, and they have been conditioned to respond this way for at least the past two or three generations, so breaking this conditioning is going to take a concentrated effort on the part of our society that wants individuals to think critically, this effort is going to require some thought to get the importance of this approach through to individuals so that it can be understood readily.
The individual must be made aware of the hazards of accepting something that appears to be good but eventually harms the individual in the long run, this can be illustrated by pointing out what our culture is trying to do with people to make them feel good, they are told that they are good at something, when in fact they are not, when this is proven to be true, the individual is deflated and has a problem accepting the truth, even when efforts are made to limit the impact of competition in an event.
Each individual is different, and there is no one that is good at everything, and it is important to realize that we all have many weak points, even within area that we are perceived as have more knowledge than the average person.
The individual needs to stop accepting the utterances of supposed experts, because there is almost always an expert that has an opposing view, don’t be blinded by the degrees after one’s name, or the number of books or technical articles that an individual has written, John Gruber is a perfect example of that type of expert that one should not be listening to, but he was a prime factor in getting the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed.
Another good example is the Government’s efforts to get the populace to buy into the concept of “Global Climate Change”, this concept has been kicked around all over the globe, but the truth is that there has not been enough information collected over a long enough period, by instruments that can be relied upon, and even if that were the case, there are too many variables that are constantly changing or are completely unknown.
The climate is constantly going through changes on a daily basis, in addition to these changes there are minor and major cycles of hundreds and thousands of years and each of these have their own variations.
The last two examples are both being presented under a false flag, their real purpose is to enhance the growth and control of the Federal Government and its control over the populace, as a matter of fact almost everything that the government has been doing is directed towards its growth and control, this example may also include the potential for moving governments towards a One World Government, with a Socialistic structure, don’t discount the fact that a large portion of our, and the world’s, population is being Grubered.
There are many techniques being employed to manipulate individuals, and a friend had suggested that there should be an article covering the latest hot topic --- deflated footballs, so the last item will be on the importance of deflating footballs.
This too can be viewed as a ploy, with a label of a diversionary tactic, the mainstream media has been devoting hours on this topic for the past week, and it has succeeded in getting what would appear to be a rather large portion of the population involved in an innocuous event that is of little consequence on most individuals’ lives, and while this is going on, very little attention is being paid to problems that will have a huge impact on many lives in a variety of ways, consider that now that you are focused on the football.


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