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It would appear that a good portion of the electorate has a problem in determining where a potential candidate for public office is coming from or what he/she wants to accomplish, there are two reasons for this inability to discern a candidate’s motivation: the first is that the verbiage is so generalized that all it does is paint a pretty picture, the second is due to the fact that the electorate does not have a clear picture of the type of government that he/she wants, which allows the politician to present a situation that sounds good, but eventually leads to a government that is undesirable. For those voters that believe in our Constitution, and its basic principles, one of which is the sovereignty of the individual, which is in reality the core principle of our Constitution, the evaluative process becomes less complicated, due to the fact that you now have a template to follow, and all one needs to do is to ensure that you are picking a candidate that is coming closest to the template provided by that Constitution as is was originally presented.
The only thing the electorate needs to do is learn how to disassociate themselves from all the distortions that have been applied to the Constitution for the past two hundred years, which has been employed to enhance the power of government rather than that of the individual. Now that the voter has his/her template we can see how it can be employed, if a candidate suggests that any government agency should be expanded, especially if it’s not one of the enumerated specifically outlined in the original Constitution, and even then it has to show that it does not inhibit an individual’s freedom. The next thing that the voter needs to look for is the request for more money, this ploy is often used to fix something that government should not have gotten involved with in to begin, and now the government is implying that it needs more money to fix something that it should not have been involved with in the first place. There is another problem related to the request for money, and that is the fact that once government gets the money, it’s viewed as being fungible, and too frequently the capital is redirected to other areas that are designed to reward a group that has supported a candidate during an election. This leads to another area of concern that relates to the establishment of cronyism, and this is often applied to influential groups that have made large contributions to a candidate’s campaign, and the favors to these groups usually are detrimental to the individual’s freedom. This tells are easy to spot, and should be employed to discount any candidate that is receiving large sums of money from a group. The only way to defeat these special interest groups is to show that they are not going to influence your vote; as a matter of fact you will use that information to discount the candidate.
There are so many things that our elected officials do that are counter to our Constitution that it’s impossible to correct all the destructive behavior that they employ while they are ostensibly looking to serve the average individual’s freedom, most of the legislation that is passed in Congress would never become law if it were not attached to a Bill that it had no relationship to. If the voter really wants to protect themselves they had better start to learn how to correct the behavior of our elected officials. The government that has evolved over the centuries has been corrupted and has no similarity to the documents that our Founders gave us, and we have arrived at a point that is just a hair’s breath away from a dictatorship. It’s certain that there are voters in both political parties that are buying the spiel used by the established political parties, and this acceptance is done without any critical analysis, both parties are counting on this when they issue statements, and they feel that if they are repeated often enough by a variety of sources, that the statements will be accepted as being truthful, this is their major reason for building a war chest so that they can get their propaganda out to the voter on a continual basis, a manipulative approach that the voter needs to resist.


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