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There needs to be some care exercised when the term science is used, the term is used too freely, and is often taken as fact, when in most cases nothing could be further from the truth. We frequently think of pure physics or chemistry, where one frequently gets consistent results under controlled conditions, but when additional variables are introduce the likelihood of consistency is reduced. There are countless occupations that have taken on the mantle of scientific, but they cannot be relied on as much as the hard sciences because they deal with subjects that have a wide variety of variables, many of which are unknown. These disciplines are even more difficult to study due to the fact that many of the variables under study are in continual flux. To lend some degree of authenticity to these groups, statistical analysis is being employed to divine the essential truths that may be in the system being evaluated, this just adds another level that can be manipulate, at times intentionally to support a theory.   
The introduction was presented to point out that most of us are too quick to accept information because it has the term “science” attached to it, a good example of this is when it’s pointed out that there is a consensus that most scientists are in agreement on a given theory, but this does not mean the theory is correct. If the individual fails to evaluate the information that they are receiving on a daily basis from various sources, they will fall prey to forces that don’t have their wellbeing or interests at heart, and this is what most of us receive from a good portion of the media, which we frequently use to make our decisions. These messages are usually cloaked in positive emotive rhetoric that fall apart when analyzed from a logical point of view. Some major areas of concern that one should review more carefully are: climate change, compulsory vaccinations, fair distribution of resources, the radical Islamic movement, the movement to legalize illegal immigrants from a number of perspectives, the structure of our educational system, and the real difference in our Nation’s governing documents and those of every other nation.
The nation’s populace has been brainwashed for generations, and it has reached a point that it would appear the populace cannot approach a subject with any degree of logical analysis, the Nation is rapidly approaching a point that will eliminate all the protective values that our Founders put in place to protect the individual from the various forms of dictatorship, it would behoove each citizen to take a closer look at the direction that we are taking. There are a number of special interest groups that are manipulating our culture for their own personal gain, but they are failing to see the dangers that they are putting the country in, and the dangers that they will face in the future if they continue on the current course.
What we are allowing to happen to our society should frighten any citizen that has had any education that puts some emphases on critical thinking. If there are individuals that failed to receive this form of education, than it is suggested that you start to hone those skills before it’s too late.
The electorate should take note of the comments that are made by the media related to a candidate’s ability to raise money for his/her campaign, which is suggesting that most of the electorate can be influenced by repetitious commercials, many of which are loaded with emotive rhetoric that fails to give any real insight as to how the candidate is going to govern in many of the areas of concern to the electorate, regretfully it would appear that this approach works with a large portion of the population.
Those individuals of the electorate that have an understanding of the dangers that our nation is facing will have to educate others in areas that the media is totally ignoring, because it’s clear that the populace cannot depend of a large portion of the media to give us the information needed to make rational choices related to selecting a potential representative.


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