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There’s an outpost that is under siege; this outpost is familiar to most Americans, the outpost is called the United States of America (USA). The inhabitants of this enclave have different opinions as to the nature of the assaults; there are a number of inhabitants that are even unaware of the assault. The attacks are coming from a variety of quarters, both outside and inside; the reason for these assaults is simple, the outpost’s culture is a threat to a wide variety of cultures that seek to dominate the individual and establish a class system. Now these other cultures would never admit that they goal is to dominate and control the individual, they cloak their intentions in high sounding phrases that suggest they intend to help the individual, and all the individual has to do is give up his/her opportunity to determine their individual destiny.
The assault is directed against the outpost’s documents that suggest that the individual should be able to determine the direction that will be pursued. These attacks were initiated on the outpost even before the ink was dry on the documents that were designed to protect the individual, but the seed had been planted, and despite the assaults that have been made against the principles that are embedded in these documents for the past two hundred and thirty some odd years, these principles continue to reemerge throughout the generations. The forces don’t realize that this seed is like a virus that cannot be eliminated, and the actions that are taken by these forces only tend to enable the virus to reestablish itself. The forces know that they cannot allow the virus to flourish because their cultures will see that they are adhering to a destructive set of principles, and this realization will bring an end to their control.
These forces conceal their objectives by cloaking themselves in religious, economic, social, or political garbs, but their true intent is easily divined if one looks at the actions of the institution and compares them with the principles embedded in our Founding documents. The individual may have a problem if they have bought into the system’s indoctrination program and has allowed distractions to divert their attention, but these tactics can be negated with a little bit of effort.
Our outpost is in peril, and its citizens have an obligation to correct the actions being taken by the forces that are trying to destroy it.
Our politicians fear only one thing, and that is the loss of their positions, so the electorate needs to send a message that they will not receive your vote if they fail to correct the damage they have done over the generations.
There should be no question as to the cover that these destructive forces utilize, the following is a small example of these institutions: A dictatorship, a monarchy, Communism, socialism, crony capitalism, a political party, progressivism, religious orders, a bureaucracy, a hegemony, a kleptocracy, an oligarchy, fascism, and even a democracy --- this was presented last because most people think that our outpost is a democracy.
A democracy is where the majority rules, but out Founding documents state that the individual has the ultimate power to determine their course in life.
There are a number of institutions pushing the democracy theory because it undermines the basic difference between our Nation and all the other nations of the world. The democratic position is applied in so many areas of our society, but it’s incompatible with our Founding principles, this position has done more to undermine our Founding documents than any other tactic.
This difference is the one aspect that frightens the forces that are trying to destroy this outpost. Go back to the Founding documents and learn what really makes this outpost totally different than any other.


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