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There are times that we seek to explain the evolution of a behavior, but due to developments over time it’s not clear that one is getting a true picture of what was originally presented, and the document that is being presented today as the Koran or Quran is a prime example of this endeavor.
The Koran has had a history that is very much like the Old Testament and the New Testament, or the Christian Bible. Over time the Bible has utilized the Ten Commandments and the life of Jesus and His teachings as a guide for many of the interpretations for the verses that may seem to be confusing or contradictory, but most of these interpretations tend to portray the Creator as loving Father that is concerned with all that He has created.
This does not prevent individuals or groups from distorting the order in His creation to fit their inability to comply with this order. It would appear that the scribes of the Koran have arrived at a point that is diametrically opposed to the views that are being expressed by people that believe in the Bible. The Koran has portions of the Old Testament and the New Testament incorporated in its construction, but at some point its followers came up with a position that many would consider to be counter to the intent of the Creator.
The human species continually inserts inconsistencies into the Creator’s order, this may be due to mans’ inability to accept the fact that he is flawed. The species will not evolve until it learns to understand the Creator’s order. The individual must establish a relationship with the Creator, this cannot be done by force or law, but this is the position that some of those that are following the Koran appear to be taking. It is imposable to say what proportion of the 1.3 billion Muslims are following the radical interpretation of the Koran, which is being expressed throughout the world today, but it would seem clear that this form does not appear to fit into the Grand Design, so it needs to be neutralized before it gets a foothold that cannot be broken.
The flaw that is being exposed here is mans’ desire to control his fellow man, this is expressed in a number of ways in almost all the cultures of the world, and it manifests itself in a variety of ways. It’s very prevalent in our culture, and if our political leaders have their way it is going to be even more pronounced in the near future. Our Founders were well aware of this flaw in man and made every effort to confine it with the Founding documents, but the Present is determined, along with many politicians, to destroy the chains that bind this flaw.
It is doubtful that every politician or institution is aware of what kind of damage they are doing to the Nation; they are just concerned with what they can get out of the system. It has been suggested that Communism needs a vibrant productive nation to flourish. The concept appears illogical at first glance, but when one looks at how Communism grows it becomes a reasonable position. Communism grows by giving things to people that have not worked for what they are receiving, but this can only be done by taking from those that have worked for what they have.
When a culture also has a crony capitalistic system, it becomes an easy task to convince portions of the population that the actions that are being taken are only correcting an unfair system. They never get rid of the crony capitalism; it is kept as a part of the system until the Communistic system has solidified its position.
Is the President taking many of the actions he is taking because he realizes that it is going to be apparent that the Nation is no longer capable of giving out any more benefits, and the populace is going to be made aware of this fact before long.
When one considers the negative impact these actions have had on so many of our institutions, and his statement that he was going to “fundamentally transform” the Nation, and given the fact that he has opposed the limitations that the Constitution has placed on the Administrative Branch, is it too much of a stretch to think that all the crisis’s were intentionally created. Something to consider!


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