For Your Consideration: Yes, It’s Broken

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The public keeps hearing that the Nation’s immigration laws are broken, but the same can be said for the U.S. Postal Service, the Nation’s health care system, the VA, the banking system, the public educational system, the list of institutions and bureaucracies that are involved with all these dysfunctional systems have one thing in common - - - the  government. Let this sink in, the government is involved in every aspect of our lives, and it makes the laws that establish bureaucracies to assure those laws are applied correctly. If it is not clear to the electorate at this point that it’s our government that is broken, then our nation is in dangerous waters.  Allowing government to gain as much power as it has goes against our Founding documents, which has allowed government to use this accumulation of power to influence individuals and groups to extend that power and control even further, so what was originally designed to protect the individual’s God given rights, as presented in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, has become the “Rights” that the government will bestow upon the populace, if it complies with the government’s directives. If the individual is incapable of understanding that they have given up their freedom for serfdom, then our Nation is lost.
It’s difficult for the electorate  to believe that our Nation could be changed overnight, and they would be correct, because the conditions for this takeover or transformation have been developing over the over the past two centuries, but in such a subtle manner that the movement has gone unnoticed for generations, but now the government has attained sufficient power and control that it feels enabled to complete the transformation.
This transition of power from the individual to the government could only come to fruition with the aid of the electorate, which is a clear indication that our educational system has fallen short in two critical areas of its function: to instruct citizens of the uniqueness in our form of government, and the ability of the individual to think rationally, or to see negative and positive consequences to the individual’s freedom as a result of the actions they may chose.
Even with the dissolution of our Constitution happening before our very eyes on a daily basis, the electorate continues to clamor for things that will enhance the governments power, and yet we acknowledge that the government is wasteful and corrupt, that is clearly illogical.
The Nation has reached a critical point, because it has been allowing into the country a number of people that are unfamiliar with our Constitution and are more inclined to look to the government to get what they want, which reflects the same environment that they came from.
This transformation cannot be placed on the illegal immigrants alone; many of our citizens have been functioning in this manner for generations, because they have found it easier to buy favors from the government than to work for them, that’s clearly corrupt system. It’s time we called a spade a spade, our government is corrupt, and it’s also clear that the politicians are working on behalf of the special interests groups that fund their campaigns, not to give the individual an even playing field to attain any position in the culture as a result of their efforts and talents.
The average person feels like they are lost, not knowing where to go or what to do, so they turn to the one institution that created this condition to help them out, ironic.
There’s a way out, but it means we will have to go back to the basic principles that are the framework of our Constitution: limited government, a government that protects the individual’s rights, and does not pick winners and losers, or cater to special interest groups.


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