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Has the established government achieved its goal of creating an electorate that is incapable of rational thought, or the ability to question their governance? It would appear that most of the populace has no grasp of the basic principles that are the structure of the Nation’s Constitution. To add to the problem there seems to be an inability to discern when double think is being employed, which leaves the individual in a state of total confusion and incapable of rational thinking. The government’s educational system, aided by the media has made great contributions to this condition.
The Nation is going through changes that are drastically changing our culture, but the populace seems unaware or incapable of addressing these destructive cultural forces. The purveyors of these destructive changes use sound-bites that appear reasonable at first glance, but they are frequently emotive in nature, and depend on the individual’s inability to question the impact on the Nation’s culture; this approach is used by both political parties when they are concerned about the possibility of rejecting the position being presenting. This inability to realize when one is being manipulated is a shortcoming of our educational system, but it’s a tactic that is being applied to every individual on a daily basis, and more often than not it’s found to be an effective tactic.
This leads many individuals to make choices that are counter to the individual’s benefit or for that matter for the Nation’s. This tactic gets us to buy things that we don’t need, to accept ideas that we don’t agree with, or to do things we don’t want to do. Many of these claims may seem outrageous to most people, but all you have to do is pick up a psychological journal and you’ll find a wide range of experiments that deal with the ability to manipulate people, and these findings are employed by a wide range of institutions to get people to do what they want them to do, and the tactic does not have to be complex.
When psychological warfare is being employed it’s recommended that there is a strong element of truth, for the propaganda to be received as being the truth. Regretfully our government and private sector institutions have learned how to employ many of these tactics, and they are utilized daily.
There is an urgent need to start to learn how we are being manipulated, and to resist the temptations that are meant to distract us from doing a critical analysis, even these distractions are designed to make the individual more susceptible to the tactics being employed.
Our culture is going the way of the Dodo bird, and it would seem like a good portion of the population is unaware of this, or at a complete loss of what to do about it. It’s obvious that we can’t count on either of the two established political parties to pull us back from the precipice; one is even apt to think that these two institutions are colluding with each other.
The power structure knows how to play the general public, we go along contentedly thinking that our representatives are looking out for us, but who is getting better benefits and higher incomes, not to mention the money they have an opportunity to make as a result of the information they gain while working in the government. It should be burned into every voter’s brine that every time a politician gives something away, they are paying for it with our money.
How many politicians have you heard say that they need more money or manpower to fix something, but strangely the something never gets fixed? 
If your just the average Joe or Jane, it’s a good bet that you may be making more money, but you are paying more taxes but have less spendable money;\get your head on straight or this government will continue to abuse you.


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