For Your Consideration: Breeding-ground for Radicals

By / For Your Consideration / Wednesday, 18 March 2015 04:00

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The question keeps coming up as to why some citizens of this country would leave to join ISIS; it’s surprising that there seems to be a lack of understanding as to why this is occurring. Our educational system has conditioned a good portion of the population to react to situations emotionally, rather than using critical reasoning, our system is designed to manipulate the masses so that so that the power structure could control the populace. The government did not take into account that there might be others that might take advantage of this portion of the population that the government has so kindly condition for anyone to make use of that understood what motivated this massive group of people. The condition the Nation finds itself in is not the fault of any one party or group, the indoctrination is being employed by almost every institution that we have, and it’s not unique to our country, it’s being employed in almost every country.
One can almost hear the cries of denial from a wide range of people and groups; some denials are earnest, because they really don’t know that they are contributing to this condition, but there are others that are well aware of what they are doing, but don’t want to admit to it. Our government is a prime example of this latter group, but don’t expect it to fess up to its diabolical motivation, which is to gain power over the individual. The government knows full well that it can divert your attention to other causes, but if one were to evaluate these areas being used to misdirect your attention, in most cases you will arrive at the same conclusion, but your training allows you to stop at that distraction and not look any further. We have become willing lemmings that seem to be content with our journey to destruction, there may be some apprehension, but we don’t seem to be able to assign a reason for this apprehension. The government has suggested that this move towards ISIS is the result of the background of the individuals being uneducated, but then they turn around and say that some of these individuals have had a good education and are from families of means. Some of these individuals see an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a growing movement that has the potential of gaining a great deal of power and they expect to be rewarded for their contribution to the movement, most are pawns thanks to the government’s conditioning.
Most people know that there are things that are wrong with our culture, but they have no concept of how to fix these unethical, immoral, and unjust aspects within our culture; this is in part due to the fact that they are participants, in one way or another, but don’t want to own up to this fact.  The reason people are having a hard time of deciding what to do is because they lack an understanding of our founding documents and the basic principles behind them; again we have our elected representatives for this condition, because they have distorted the principles. The grounding of our reason in these basic principles is the way out of this mess. Our representatives have managed to turn the system around so that it serves the system, not the people. More attention needs to be paid to the first ten amendments (The Bill of Rights), that saved the Constitution, because there were some states that would not have ratified the Constitution without the inclusion of the Bill of Rights, North Carolina being one of them. The Federal government has managed to strip away a lot of the states’ rights, thanks to the representatives that we have elected over the past two centuries. It’s important to get the message through to our representatives that we expect them to take back those areas that belong to the states, such as education, an important aspect for brainwashing our citizens, but not the only one. Try to redirect your attention towards things that will have a major impact on your life, and that of our children before it’s too late.


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