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It would appear that the President is sufficiently satisfied that a good portion of the American population has been brainwashed to the point that he feels safe in suggesting that everyone be required to vote, one may also assume that this would include illegal immigrants, since we have no way of differentiating those individuals from the legal citizens.
The President is correct when he suggested that this would bring a complete transformation of our government, with this new voting bloc that has little or no understanding of how our government is suppose to work, it will most certainly complete the transformation that the President has been looking to attain ever since he got into office. 
All the work that our Founders went through to assure that we would have a government that would be prevented from abusing its citizenry, will have been completely washed away, and the sad thing about all this is that the states and our elected representative appear to be willing to allow this to happen.
Given the actions of the President, and many of our elected officials, it’s surprising that these elected representatives have never been asked to explain the Constitution, that they have taken an oath to protect and defend, but what do you expect from a politician, they have no problem finding something in the Constitution if it support’s their effort to move a program forward, but conveniently forgets those aspect that puts limitations on their use of power.
It’s clear that all three Branches of the Government have contributed greatly to the erosion of the documents that make our form of government unique from all others, but the population is not instructed in the basic principles that make this government so exceptional.
Our educational system seldom makes the comparison of other nations that have traveled this road to destruction before us, they  may feel they have found a way to expand their power and control over the masses, even if it means removing every spark of individuality, and in doing so developing a culture that lacks the spirit to evolve into something that people of other nations would want to immolate, mind you the term people was used intentionally, because the function of governments is to control, and it always ends up extending its power for the good of a ruling class, and not to assure that the individual has the maximum freedom without impinging on the freedom of other individuals, this latter point appears to be the thing that our elected officials don’t seem to understand.
It should be clear to every citizen that the government has inserted itself into every aspect of our lives many of which, to a point that many of these insertions are so subtle that they go unnoticed. An example of these incursions, which the reader will find shocking, is the construction of a home.
When people first came to the New World, they built homes out of what was available to them in their environment, to protect themselves from the elements; they did not have to concern themselves with floor plans, types of building material that were acceptable to building inspectors, nor did they have to go to a building engineer to get a structure certified as being acceptable because of the types of materials or the form of the structure. Most of the basic principles have been around for centuries, what is new are bureaucracies that have grown up around the building industry. These bureaucracies have not only added to the cost of constructing a building, they have added to our tax base, and most of this has come about to satisfy a special interest group or corporation to solidify its position in the market place. Now to drop the bomb, a structure that is sound and would protect the inhabitants from the elements, and still meet the basic safety requirements could be built for five to twenty thousand dollars for a structure ranging in size from five hundred square feet to one thousand five hundred square feet.  Now you know what the government bureaucracy has done for you over the generations, if this doesn’t make you stop and think than nothing will.


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