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Government, regretfully, is a necessary evil, but to what end? It would appear that every culture goes through the same pattern, regardless of the form of government or governance they apply for their particular culture. The Founders had hoped to come up with a system that would prevent this from happening in this country by establishing checks and balances to prevent government from gaining more power than was needed to keep order and to give the individual as much freedom as possible without impinging on another individual’s freedom. It became evident from the very start that the intent of the Law was not going to be followed, and as time went by the politicians and lawyers became more adept at manipulating the words used in the Constitution and ignored the general principles while they were manipulating the wording. The point being, that the general principles should have been used as the paradigm for interpreting the wording in the Constitution, if this had been the case we would not be in the fix that we are in today.
Responsibility for our current condition can be attributed to a number of institutions within our culture; one is inclined to think that man is not intelligent enough to disengage himself from this destructive behavior that has been repeated by all the cultures that preceded ours. These general principles are simple to comprehend, the problem arises when they have to be applied by individuals that have no understanding of fairness, respect, and honor; these things don’t appear to receive much attention in our culture, and most people seem to be content to disregard them if they can benefit themselves in one way or another. This is where the legal system and the government come into play, but it is not to ensure justice, but to benefit one or more of the institutions or individuals within our culture; this sounds like a bleak condition, but one cannot ignore the facts. Even people that view themselves as being honest and fair tend to live with the inconsistencies in their behavior and thinking, as long as it supports their view. These inconsistencies can be found everyday at all levels of government, and they are frequently supported by the media, that is supposed to be unbiased in its reporting of the news.
If our educational system was really interested in educating individuals to be critical thinkers, our culture might have fewer problems, but the system is going in the opposite direction, and is conditioning students to be more receptive and compliant to receive emotive rhetoric, than logic.
To put the Founders’ concept in a nutshell it was to limit government’s power to abuse the individuals that they were elected to serve, a person has to be completely devoid of reason to think that our government is anywhere close to meeting that goal; excuse me that last comment should be applied to most of the institutions and businesses within our culture. The forces are already at work to ensure that the 2016 election does not reverse the direction the country is going in, and the brainwashing machine is going into full swing to make sure that you are properly conditioned to vote the way it wants you to, so turn your brain off and listen to all those intelligent pundits in the media so you can be properly conditioned during the next election.
It’s our young minds that we should be concerned about, they are getting the brainwashing in school, and when they get home they get it from the media, and the entertainment programs, good luck.


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