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There are so many things occurring these days that seem to be out of place in our culture, and people are confused as to why everything seems to be falling apart in our society. There is an explanation, but it’s one that the average person does not want to accept, because it goes against the paradigm that we have built up in our minds over the years. To correct this condition one has to accept certain facts; one of the most important facts in that you should not accept what you read in the news papers or hear on the electronic media (TV and radio) as being factual, even if it is coming from a pundit that you feel is trying to give you the correct information. Some reporters try to give the correct information, but they are only human and sometimes allow their perspective to influence their acceptance of information. Most of the information that we receive is coming from the radical left and is more inclined to be propaganda that is designed to get individuals to accept information that is counter to what may be good for the individual.
Let’s go back to some of the basic principles that are in our Founding documents: The individual should have the greatest freedom; Government should be limited to maintaining our defense and exercising enough control to maintain order; and lastly, the major control should be at the local level. This paradigm puts the individual at the top for control, the limiting factor here is that the individual’s freedom should not intruded on another individual’s freedom. If one were to use these principles to guide them in their evaluation of the condition of our Nation, it would be impossible to come to any other conclusion than to say that our culture is moving in the opposite direction of the one intended for us by the drafters of the Founding documents.
It cannot be stressed enough that our culture is being manipulate by forces that are more concerned with their power over the citizenry than they are in the individual’s freedom. These forces would have you believe that they are fighting one another, when in reality there is a symbiotic relationship between these groups. These groups fall into three major categories: Government, Political parties, and large corporations.  If one take the time to evaluate the outcome of most of the actions that are taken, they will find that it’s one of the three major groups that windup benefiting from the action, not the individual. Up to this point these forces have been able to manipulate the voting public in a variety of ways to keep this symbiotic relationship in a condition that is beneficial to the power structure, but there appears to be an awakening of voters that may start to change the direction that the country is going in; it would be nice if we could move back to the paradigm that our Founders set in place for us.
The electorate needs to step back from all the distractions that these forces are creating, and use the paradigm of principles that our Founders gave us, and disregard any of the distractions and people that would use them to deny the individual the freedom that should be theirs. All three branches of government, and both political parties have been contributing to the dissolution of our Constitution; they are working hard on eliminating the “Bill of Rights” and discounting the influence that the Judeo-Christian religions have had on our Constitution; this is not to say that we should disregard other religions, because other religions contain many of the same principles, but are expressed in other ways. It’s time we stopped dividing our Nation, and move to a Nation that is united under one culture.


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