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It is not too early to start evaluating the Presidential candidates, but the evaluation process needs a system with principals to determine what candidate fits the bill. For many of us we have allowed the media, political parties, and special interest groups form our opinions, and you can see where this has gotten the Nation. One would hope that our selection is intended to benefit the Nation as a whole, which would require a person of clear and concise thinking, and having a reasonable understanding of the aspects that he/she will have to deal with, or be able to choose individuals that can give wise council in areas that he/she may be weak in, that’s assuming the electorate is interested in seeing the Nation as the Founders envisioned it. If this is the voter’s intent, then there are a number of aspects that fall into the emotive category that can be disregarded, such as sex, race, religion, dress, dynamic presentations, and general likability; that is not to say that these characteristics are not going to have an impact on our selection, but the overriding quality should be the individual’s clear thinking and understanding of what it will take to get the country back on course that was intended for us.
In suggesting that the emotive factor should be disregarded, it was not intended that they should not be used to evaluate the candidate’s qualities that may turn out to be negative, because of the influence they may have on the positions that the candidate is espousing, which would mean that he/she is allowing that aspect influence their decision making, and that is not the direction that the Founders envisioned for our Nation. There are a number of people that are more than happy to allow the country to continue in the direction that it’s going in, but there are also a growing number of people that are beginning to see the value of the paradigm that the Founders set forth for us.
The electorate has been conditioned to accept the truisms that are inconsistent with reality, from the concept of the “American Dream” to the elimination of prejudicial attitudes of all kinds in every individual, this is an irrational position, regardless of its desirability, and the same can be said for an even distribution of wealth and services. The value that an individual places on a product or service has a lot to do with the value system of each individual, and in a free market system this would be reflected over time, but our culture does not have a free market system, it has been manipulated by the government, our representatives, and corporations. These power groups have moved the country into a position that makes it almost impossible to compete in manufacturing with other nations, and in almost every area that these groups insert themselves in to create a condition of equality has only made living conditions worse for the average worker. If a candidate suggests that the government is going to give you something, or create more or new jobs, that individual should be considered chaff, because he/she is not talking about a free market system where competition determines who is going to survive, and what is needed or wanted in the culture. The government has grown to a point that it is taking many of the functions that belong in the private sector, or is making the determination as to what is needed and wanted, and this has destroyed our free enterprise system. 
If the electorate has not learned that the only thing the government is good at, is to find new way to extract more taxes from the individual, and still have the electorate think that it is doing something for them, if the country really had a valid educational system, this condition would not exist.  It’s time to hone those critical analytical skills for the next election, stop buying into the rhetoric that our elected representative have been feeding us over these many generations.


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