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Pundits are continually giving their positions on various candidates, but their comments are designed to influence the direction of thought of the electorate.
The comments that are going to be made in this article will be no different than those of other pundits, but unlike other pundits, the objective will be  stated upfront; the objective is to place the power into the hands of the individual to control their destiny, as the Founding fathers envisioned it, not in the hands of some political party, or centralized government, which means that the electorate would have to accept the principles that are embedded in our Founding documents, a fact that has been ignored since the formation of our Nation.
Now that the reader knows the objective of this article, he/she will be in a better position to follow the reasoning that will be employed in labeling a position as chaff. Other pundits will suggest that a candidate running for the Presidency should go through the political system so that he/she can be judged on their positions, but they are being judged by a standard that is out of kilter with our Founding documents.
We are told that a person should hold a position like Governor, Senator, or a Congressional representative before running for the Presidency, but does this really tell the electorate what kind of President one is going to end up with, this is a rhetorical question, the answer is NO; remember one fact, our first President did not hold a political office, but he had a good brain and clear sight.
Many of the skills can be acquired from a wide range of experiences that are totally unrelated to holding a government position. The biggest problem is that the electorate has lost the true understanding of our Founding documents; this is primarily due to the forces that direct our educational system, which is designed to enhance the power of the bureaucracy, at the individual’s expense.
Listen to what many of the pundits suggest when they say that a particular candidate can’t win, the suggestion is that he/she does not appeal to one group of another, just the suggestion implies that most of the electorate operate under the group think theory, this may be true, but it’s also true that each individual is different, and sooner or later that reality is going to explode because the reality is being confined in a pressure cooker environment; this is what our Founders were looking to prevent. Our government has created more tension between individuals by playing one group against another, and the individual gets lost in this game. The electorate is told what the “American Dream” is and what they should want, but this is a ploy that is attempting to put every individual into a cookie cutter, which does not fit with reality, but if you allow the educational system (the government) to brainwash you, you will be incapable of coming to that realization.
It would be a mistake not to point out that the individual is dealing with two realities, the first is the fact that the government establishment and groups aligned with it have done an excellent job of brainwashing the general public, but the second reality is that the individual spirit will rebel at some point and the system will have failed again, as it has so many times in the past, we have a paradigm that can remove us from what seems to by an endless cycle if we can remove ourselves from the government’s group-think mode. It has been pointed out more than once that government is not the answer to our problems, it is our problem, we all know this at some level, but we continue to look to it for solutions, which is illogical. Many of the things that the government is promising are illogical and cannot be realized, but the electorate buys into the rhetoric. It would appear that the President will live up to the promise he made when he started out running for the Presidency, that he would “Fundamentally Transform” the Nation, he is well on his way to doing just that with his policies related to illegal immigration, because these individuals have no concept of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and the intent is to allow them to vote in the 2016 election, and it would appear that the established political parties are unwilling to take action to prevent this from happening.


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