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It’s interesting how a majority of both political parties have been labeling the grassroots   movement that has become a groundswell for many Americans that are yearning for a simpler life, with less intrusion by the government.
The establishment would rather continue in the direction it is going in, but that direction is counter to the Founders’ plan, where the power resided in the hands of the individual, but the type of individual they were referring to was one that was educated, and accepted responsibility for his/her action, and not one that would expect the government to make life easy for the individual when they failed to acquire their goal.
The American culture has evolved into a system of dependency, where the government steps in to give these individuals what they want, just because they feel it’s their right to have the same things that others have worked to attain. The politicians are more than happy to continue and expand the numbers of individuals that harbor these feeling, because the individual becomes more reliant on the government to support them in life, and the government is more than happy to extract the capital from those that have worked to fulfill their needs and wants, to such an extent that many of those that are involved with the government’s system are gaining a greater reward than those that are working for it, so why work for something when you can get it for nothing, and you still have all that free time to do what you want.
Add this injustice to the actions of the government picking winners and losers in the business sector and you have a recipe for a total economic collapse.
The only time our representatives cite the Constitution is when they feel they can redefine the words, or the intent of the Constitution, but it always ends in giving the government more control over the individual.
The current government is correct in labeling this new growing movement as a radical movement, this is nothing more than a desire to go back to the aspirations that our Founders held for our new nation, the concept of self-governance by the individual and a limiting of the size and power of the government was a new concept, a concept that had never been enacted in any other culture, but it would appear that man’s tendency to rule over his fellow man has won out again.
If this Nation is to survive it will need to invigorate the spirit that is in our Founding document, in other words, we need more radicals.
The President said that he was going to “Fundamental Transform” the country, but the real intent was to change the Founding documents, and he has done a masterful job of leading the Nation back on the path that had signaled the end of all previous cultures; his handwork is presented to the electorate on a daily basis through the media, and the media continually fails to point out what is happening and why the actions that are being taken go against the principles embedded in our Founding documents.
An interesting fact is that the Nation’s motto from the beginning of our formation was “E Pluribus Unum”; one common translation of this is “From many came one.” The Nation seemed to be headed in that direction, but it has had a marked reversal in recent years, and this is not by accident.
In 1956 a new motto was officially adopted, “In God We Trust”, it should come as no surprise that both of these mottos are being undermined by the current administration, because they are both reminders of our Constitution and the general principles that were meant to guide us to a better life for the individual.
Our culture and economy is being undermined by the massive illegal and legal immigration influx into the country, legal immigrants should be welcomed but their introduction into our culture should take into consideration the Nation’s ability to cope with the influx without doing damage to our economy and cultural values, these points are too often ignored. Let’s get back to the radical thinking of our Founding Fathers, the current path has been well traveled, it’s not new, and it has always ended badly.


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