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It’s interesting how cultures usually develop laws that treat people as if they are all the same, when in reality each individual is uniquely different; whether one believes in the Creator or not, it would seem reasonable that this condition offers a hedge on the life form’s survivability, but government continues to suggest that all individuals should be treated as if they are the same. Citizens are told that every individual should have what every other individual has, most people realize that this concept is impractical, but there appears to be a sizeable portion of the population that buy into this concept, and this is due to our educational system and its inability to teach our citizens how to think critically, and it’s supported by the media and the rhetoric of the government. The measures that are being utilized by the forces that are interested in programming the citizenry have accomplished their task to the point that the citizenry is unable to see the contradictions that these forces display with their actions.
The methods that these forces use are designed to make individuals receptive to illogical, and inconsistent hypotheses, this allows these manipulative forces to suspend reality, which make it possible to implant the idea that they know what is best for the individual, as a result the individual starts to depend on these groups to provide the individual with their needs and wants. The government, and those groups that are aligned with the government’s agenda have created a culture that is dependent on the government, this has created a condition where the individual is unable to take responsibility for their actions. It would appear this condition is very acceptable to the government, but it creates a culture that is dormant because it kills free and independent thought, it also reduces the individual’s ability to grow and move vertically through the economic scale, which impedes the culture’s ability to advance, an advancement that, in the end, would be beneficial to the world as a whole.
The tactics that are used by groups or organizations to control individuals, for the sake of power, is so prevalent in societies around the world that it has become accepted as the norm.
If the human species is ever going to break this destructive cycle the different cultures have gone through throughout the centuries, this condition must be eradicated. 
The individual and society as a whole will make grater advancements if the actions that the power hungry groups are removed from our society, this removal should not include purging of laws that would lead to chaos within the country, this is an area that needs a lot of consideration to insure that the individual has the maximum amount of freedom without impinging on the freedom of others.
It’s time for the electorate to break from the conditioning that is forcing them into servitude, surely you have noticed that there two sets of laws, one for the masses and one for the law makers, there should be no question as to which group is benefiting more from the laws that are coming from Capitol Hill.
Our country is on the verge of losing the Constitution that our Founders gave to us, it’s time  for the electorate to educate themselves on the people that are running for public office at all levels, to ensure that they are for one law that applies to all.


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