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Our culture appears to be losing qualities that gave us an advantage in the early stages of our development, these qualities were maturity, rationality, and responsibility, but it was the environment that forced these qualities on our culture.
Settling in the New Land without any established government or institutions meant that they had to rely on their own resources or perish, so these qualities became strongly embedded in the early settlers, and continued to form our culture as each succeeding generation pushed further west.
These conditions persisted for over three centuries, even with the establishment of a government in 1776; these conditions may have had some impact on our Founders when they formed our Constitution.
The qualities that our Founders seemed to find worth perpetuating for our Nation started to erode soon after the establishing our Constitution, and the old destructive behavioral patterns’, that lead to the downfall of other nations, started to infiltrate our government and institutions.
Thanks to our so-called representatives, we are on the verge of destroying the Constitution and developing something that has that appearance of a dictatorship. To some citizens this description may seem too harsh, but if one were to look at the actions of our government, it should be clear to an individual that has any concept of the principles that are embedded in our Constitution that our representatives are ignoring these basic principles to enhance their power base, and consequently lessen the individual’s power. 
Our government has created laws behind closed doors, and presented them to Congress to be voted on, without being given sufficient time to read of evaluate the Bill being presented, case in point the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that was so large and convoluted that it was impossible to understand, and as a result the President took it upon himself to make changes that should have been made by Congress, but since his Party dominated both Houses of Congress his moves were not contested. There is a Bill that has been drafted that deals with our commerce with other nations that even our representatives can’t get copies of , they can read the Bill, but they can’t take notes, or talk about the Bill with the public, if this administration get away with this move, the citizens can forget about a free and open government, and the possibility of this happening appears to be good in the Senate, thanks to the Republicans. Just these two cases should be a clear indication that our government is not looking out for the average citizen, our representatives are more concerned with preserving their Party’s power base and satisfying special interest groups that finance their campaigns.
It might be instructive for citizens to familiarize themselves with the Nation’s Constitution and compare its intended direction with the current state of affairs, if one can pull themselves away from all the distractions that have been provided by the forces that are in league with the government, this may be difficult to do given the brainwashing that a good portion of our population has gone through, thanks to our educational system and the media.
There is a real concern that the government and its minions have accomplished their job of turning most of the electorate into robots and sheep, and that there are too few individuals that have managed to avoid the conditioning that has been applied to our citizenry over the past generations, there should be a warning on all of these distractions that have indoctrinated the populous, stating that these diversions could be harmful to your freedom.


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