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Trans-Pacific Partnership It appears that the Republicans can be every bit as disrespectful of the principles that are enshrined in the Nation’s Constitution, this fact was made obvious just before the start of the Memorial Day weekend, when the Senate decided to fast track the Trans-Pacific Partnership Bill, which was not presented to the Senate or the House of Representatives in open session, nor has it been presented to the general public for comments. When the vote was taken there were only five Republicans that voted against it, but the vote was taken in such a manner that these five Senators could not be identified, this action may have been utilized to protect the Republican Senators that are running for the Presidency, and knowledge of their position on this Bill would have hindered their chance of attaining their goal with many voters. It’s clear that both parties took the positions they did because of their perspective supporting groups, and had nothing to do with concerns for the working class, which continues to be unrepresented by both political parties. It is ironic that this vote should be taken just before a holiday that was meant to show our appreciation to those that have given their lives to protect our freedoms, while our representatives undermine those freedoms to acquire political power, one can only hope that the electorate will remember this action during the next general election.
The manner in which this Bill is being handled is akin to what one would expect in a dictatorship, but none of this is being addressed in the media, that should not be a surprise to anyone that has followed the media’s propensity to undermine our Constitution with every opportunity. This is just one more indication that the electorate cannot rely on the media for information that will lead to a wise selection for the highest office in the land, the electorate will have to develop paradigms that do not depend of the information provided by the media or the prospective candidates for an elected office.
This Trans-Pacific Partnership Bill will not do what the Republicans are suggesting it will do, but their getting away with the sales pitch because most people don’t understand economics, especially as it applies to the global impact with the involvement of the large multi-national corporations. Between the Republicans doing their best to help the multi-national corporations, which is their financial base, and the Demarcates trying to boost the power of the unions, which is the power base of the Democrats, they are doing a fantastic job of destroying opportunities for the average working individual, the very group that they are both claiming to help.
There is no hope of changing our educational system to impact the next election, but there may be a chance to inform some adults with simplified examples of how the politicians are destroying our economy, culture, and Constitution. It might be helpful if we could pass a law that penalized the salaries of out representative by the same percentage that they increased the debt, and make sure that they took it from programs and department that did not fall into the Constitution’s framework, but we would still need to right the economy, so that the top heavy bureaucracies would have a job to go to in the private sector, where they could be fired from if they did not perform, something we are unable to do as long as they are working in the public sector.
There is a lot of misinformation in our culture that needs to be brought to the forefront if we are going to turn this government around, it is going to take a lot of work and thought to correct the misconceptions that many people have been programmed to accept as fact, time to put on our thinking caps.


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