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It’s becomes very frustrating for some individuals to see what the government and many multi-national corporations are doing to our country, and have a complete lack of understanding by the general public of the damage that is being done to our nation by some of its institutions.
Case in point is the establishment of a minimum wage, which in many cases fails to take into consideration that we are currently operating in a global economy, this aspect cannot be ignored, but that is just what the average person is doing, and the forces that are encouraging this attitude are suggesting that this is being done for the average worker, but nothing could be further from the truth.
Part of the problem is that economics is not really stressed in our educational system, and only those individuals that have paid attention to what has happened over the past eighty years have a clear understanding of what damage is being done to the Nation.
There was a time after the depression that the country had a thriving economy, many have suggested that it was World War II that created this economic surge, but that is only part of the story. It’s true that the war acted as a catalyst, but that catalyst was made possible due to our manpower and the possession of essential resources, the country did not have to rely on other nations for a good part of the materials and labor that were needed to build our war machine, which turned into a machine that would fulfill the needs of many citizens in the private sector.
The Nation no longer is capable of functioning in the way we did after the “Great War”, today we would have to go to China for all the parts that we would need to protect ourselves, this is not a position that should be tolerated, but it’s a position that our elected officials and multi-national corporations have managed to lead us into, and it is not to benefit the Nation or the average citizen.
It’s doubtful that there are many complex products that the U.S. turns out that would not require a good portion of the products that go into the production of those items to come from other nations, the reason for this has to do with a multi-national corporation’s ability to maximize its profits, this might be fine for the corporation, but not for the Nation that still has to face the fact that there are countries that would like to subjugate the U.S., and the politicians and multi-national corporation are creating conditions that make this scenario very plausible.
Most of what we have in the private sector is related to the service sector, and we are looking to reduce that sector’s contribution
by asking for an increase in the minimum wage, many individuals are going to find that they are going to be without a job, and many businesses will have to shut down because they know that they can’t make it on the prices they will have to charge.
At this point the reader is asking what does all of this have to do with
the minimum wage, so let’s go back to 1940, when the country was still in a depression and the minimum wage was thirty cents (.30) an hour, and a person would be receiving a good income if they were making fifty dollars a month, or six thousand a year, the reader may find it instructive to check out the cost of goods and services during this period. 
By the end of the was the hourly minimum wage had gone up to .40 cents an hour, and a new home would cost about $8,000.
If one were to take the time to check out the cost relationship between the 1940’s and the cost of items today with relationship to current wages and the cost of products, they would find that there is not much of a difference, but there are at least three major differences in our society’s structure, government has grown much larger, the welfare state has grown tremendously, and our productive capacity has, for all practical purposes, became almost nonexistent.
The Nation needs to get back to being reasonably sufficient, and we can’t rely on our current leaders to get us back on track, nor can we rely on the multi-national corporations.
Stop running after that carrot that these destructive forces dangle in front of us; it will destroy us before we can get the carrot.


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