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The human species appears intent on in following the same developmental cycle that past cultures have followed throughout the ages, even our culture with its head-start that was given to us by our thoughtful Founders seems to be following the route of past civilizations, a rational culture would find this trend very disconcerting, the only conclusion that can be reached by this fact would seem to be that our culture is irrational.
Given our Founding Documents, it is clear that the Founders had intended to give the individual as much freedom as possible without creating a chaotic environment.
The founders did suggest that an educated citizenry that accepted responsibility for their actions would be a necessary requirement, during the formation of our society in the early days in this new land, the natural environment that the new comers encountered forced the early pioneers to adopt these qualities in order to survive.
During the intervening years these qualities seemed to have fallen into some void, but the abolition of these qualities was intentional, and it would appear that another civilization is being subjugated by individuals and groups that want to dominate the individual’s spirit, this creates a condition where both the individual and society as a whole losses.
The human species has a lot to learn, and there is only one system that will fit the bill, and that’s a free enterprise Capitalistic system, not the crony Capitalistic system that we are currently operating under.
There are no two individuals that are exactly alike, but those that are looking to exert power over others would treat each individual as if they were pawns, and would not hesitate to put a square peg into a round hole, or a round peg into a square hole.
One shining example of this is how the ruling class defines the “American Dream”, which almost always deals with material possessions or money, it’s a given that some form of exchange is needed to acquire items that are essential for survival, but the amount would vary with each individual according to the individual’s ability to supply those needs, and the individual’s goals. 
There appears to be a large number of people that judge the importance of a person by the money or possessions that the individual has, but is that metric system valid?
When people talk about moving vertically in our culture, they are more than likely talking about the income that a person is making, but there are individuals that are more inclined to look at a vertical movement from the standpoint of the accumulation of knowledge within a given field or the development of certain skills. The approach that some politicians are taking is to take something from an individual that has managed to accumulate some wealth and distribute a portion to others that have not accumulated any wealth, this is an illogical position. Two individuals may receive the same amount of pay throughout their lives, but one may spend his/her money only on essentials, and use the savings for future investments, while the other person may spend his/her money on things that give them pleasure at the time, and end up with nothing in later life, it would be unfair to the person that forgoes the pleasure of the day for a security in later life to be deprived of his/her labors, and to give these fruits to an individual that has spent his/her labors on what pleasure them at the time.
There are countless examples of why this system that some politicians are selling to the public are impractical and unfair, but the politicians would rather divide the populous and turn one group against another, regretfully there seems to be a large portion of the population that is buying into this illogical position. Some promises are kept, but they wind up doing more harm than good, it seems the only ones that are enriched by the political moves are the politicians and the multi-national corporations. People are getting increases in their pay, but they are also losing their jobs, and the government is finding new ways to tax the individual, so in the end the worker has less discretionary money to spend, but the controllers continue to prosper. Listen to the politicians when they talk and you will be able to discount a number of those individuals that aspire to gain public office. 
If one knows basic economic facts they could discount two thirds of the candidates that are running for the Presidency. Americans are being played with rhetoric that sounds good, but it’s illogical, and it will eventually destroy the Nation.


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